Adrift – A Junket Junkie in Europe by Puneetinder Kaur Sidhu

History, Mythology, Fiction, Journalism, Maoists and a few other genres and topics have been covered till now under the Book Reviews Program. Today we have something special for those interested in travel. A book where the author captures her travel experience of Europe in chapters and its words. Giving away Puneetinder Kaur Sidhu’s book Adrift – A Junket Junkie in Europe for review. Sweden, Germany, Denmark, France, Great Britain, Austria and many more destinations are traveled by the author, and as a typical traveler, she goes beyond the tourist destinations, and discovers these places and its people. Read below for excerpt.

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The Secret of the Nagas

Less than a week ago, we announced Amish Tripathi’s two books for review ‘The Immortals of the Meluha’ and ‘The Secret of the Nagas’. We have received a great response for it and the applications are closed now. Many people, who have already read ‘The Immortals of the Meluha’, requested to receive just the second book of the series. Your wish is our command! 🙂 We are giving away second book of the Shiva Trilogy – ‘The Secret of the Nagas’, exclusively to the people who have read the first book – ‘The Immortals of the Meluha’. Since, both the books are a part of a trilogy and one cannot jump to the second book without reading the first, this book will only be given to the people who have read the first book.

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Surprise for our Newsletter Subscribers. :)

Update: The post is now open to all. 🙂 Thank you for the overwhelming response. 🙂 You can still express your interest if you are not our newsletter subscriber.

Our previous book under this program, Jug Suraiya’s ‘JS and The Times of my life, received an overwhelming response and we have now stopped taking any further requests on that one. Thank you to all those who have shown their interest in reviewing Jug Suraiya’s book. We now announce two books which we are sure you would love to read and review exclusively for our newsletter subscribers, today. The form will be open to all after 24 hours. The author of these books, is a passionate writer, who gave up his finance career, to become a full time author! Introducing you to the very famous – Amish Tripathi, with his two books to be given for review, The Secret of the Nagas and The Immortals of the Meluha. Excited? Read further…

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JS & The Times of my life by Jug Suraiya

Book Reviews Program is 10 books young and we have received a great response from all you bloggers! 🙂 Today, we cross this mark to introduce you to the eleventh book of this program. The author of this book is a famous columnist and journalist of India. We are giving away Jug Suraiya’s ‘JS & The Times of my life’ for review. This book is an account of his personal memoirs at various stages of his life. Read the excerpt below to know what this book offers.

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Review ‘Hello, Bastar’ by Rahul Pandita

Poetry, Fiction, Politics, Bollywood and many other exciting topics have been covered under the Book Reviews program. Today we have a book based on an untold story of India’s Maoist movement. We present to you with a non-fiction book today, which falls under the category of History and Politics. Rahul Pandita‘s popular book ‘Hello, Bastar’ is the next one to be featured in this program! He studied the Maoist movement for more than a decade and here is his book, a first hand account of his observations and information acquired while researching them.

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Bombay Duck is a Fish

We announced Shreya Chatterjee’s book ‘Musings of a Wanderer‘ 4 days ago, and we are back already to satiate your reading hunger with yet another exciting book! A book that has an interesting story revolving around an aspiring filmmaker who moves to Mumbai, wanting to make it big in the glittering world of Bollywood. Introducing Kanika Dhillon Screenplay Writer of Ra.One, upcoming SRK movie, whose book ‘Bombay Duck is a Fish’, is a wonderful, racy story about youth, ambition and Bollywood, as said by famous Bollywood choreographer and director, Farah Khan. With the backdrop of Bollywood and struggle to live in a big city, this book looks like an intriguing read.

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