Live from London by Parinda Joshi

Yet another exciting book we are announcing today under the book reviews program. Presenting a fiction book, whose story is based in two big cities, London and Mumbai. You have a chance to review Parinda Joshi’s book ‘Live from London’! We are giving away 19 books of this interesting read. Do you want to review this book and receive it for free, then read below the excerpt of this interesting book and show your interest!

Here’s the excerpt of ‘Live from London‘:

Live from London is a light-hearted, quirky, tongue-in-cheek and sassy novel set in London and Mumbai. It follows the life of a young Indian girl against the backdrop of the British music industry.

What happens when fate forklifts a fun and fearless twenty one-year-old from a crazy college costume party and puts her straight onto the stage of Britain’s Got Talent?

Nishi Gupta lives in London, loves playing her red beauty (guitar) and has a knack of seamlessly landing up in dicey situations. Unable to battle her humiliation post a stage debacle, she interns at a record label company. There she meets Mr Fredrick, the godfather she was looking for; influential and hard to impress. Instead, she finds herself attracted to an international recording artist with a slightly funny name, Nick Navjot Chapman, who is part Indian, part Canadian and entirely sexy.

A short steamy affair, a gig on Nick’s debut album and a ticket to stardom; life changes fast for Nishi. Then the unthinkable happens and she finds herself back in India trying to build a fresh life in a country she vaguely remembers. Will she be able to move on forgetting her past, or are there more surprises waiting for her?

Know the Author: Parinda Joshi works in the Entertainment Industry in Los Angeles. She holds an MBA in Marketing. She is a freelance columnist and a professional Photographer. Travelling tops her wish list and her favourite pastime is people-watching. Log onto to know more about the author.

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