BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Oct. 1, ’11

Spicy SaturdayToday is a very special day for our team. Today is the day when our CEO was born. He is a man who shies away from the limelight and prefers his work to do the talking. He has a dream for the Indian Bloggers and we are helping him achieve it. Our team wants to dedicate this edition of Spicy Saturday Picks to him. Happy Birthday Nirav. πŸ™‚

    • Who : Tanmoy Porel
      What : Feeling Numb
      Spicy : She left as she had more life to play with. She left because monotony is not her style. Tanmoy Porel writes a brilliant poem on these lines, and brings forward two ironies in love. Head over to decipher his poetry.

    • Who :Β Hemant
      What : A letter from an Ex-Girlfriend (Wife) to her Ex-Boyfriend (Husband)….
      Spicy : A wife writes a letter to his husband, and expresses her grief to him. This is her last chance to save their relationship. Hemant has done a great job in absorbing the emotions of a female, and putting it up excellently through this letter. We would love to read a sequel of this post, and know whether the husband actually reaches Srinagar and has dinner with his wife at Shamyana Restaurant. Hemant are you reading? πŸ™‚

    • Who : Asmita
      What : Story writing on Twitter
      Spicy : Asmita, Ratna Rajaiah, Pushee and a few more Twitteratis started story writing on Twitter. Each of them contributed their creative thoughts and created a story. Asmita has collated the contributions for an easy read. Do read their efforts and drop in your views. πŸ™‚

    • Who : Shashikiran
      What : Some Fire, for a small harem?
      Spicy : Shashikiran shares with us his love affair journey with the many loves of his life! iPad, iPad2, Kindle and Tablet. πŸ˜‰ Which of these will stay longer in Shashikiran’s arms, rather hands? πŸ˜› A very innovative way of writing a post. Recommended!

    • Who : Danish
      What : The 23-Year Old Visionary :Bhagat Singh
      Spicy : Danish talks about the great freedom fighter Bhagat Singh, and how most of his views were adapted by the Congress. His conflict with Gandhiji’s thoughts are very evident, and this post tells us exactly what was Bhagat Singh’s viewpoint. An informative post. Do read.

    • Who : Aman
      What : Caged
      Spicy : Imagine if you are trapped in a room for a few days, and only the bare necessities of food and water are provided to you. Nowhere else to go, nothing else to do, nobody to talk to. Complete imprisonment. The claustrophobia felt by you, is not more than that of the caged animals, who are removed from the natural environment. They are trapped in a few inches of space. Aman expresses his discomfort on this issue in this post. Do think over on what are other ways to adopt a pet, without removing them from their natural environment.

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  1. @IHM We love the way you conceptualized the whole post and importantly the message it conveyed. Good to have you back here.

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