WOW: “There was something different about that touch”

Touch – the very word sends shivers of sensation down the spine. A mere mention creates some tantalizing moments ringing multiple bells in the back of our minds. Touch through a single instance can strike a random chord – untainted, it communicates waves of compassion or send an army of tickling butterflies in the stomach. Hailing from the unknown, it creates tornadoes of doubt or guilt to tearing a soul from its own perfect world. One touch and your brain knows it all. Touch has stories to tell, for its repercussions never leaves the insides of our mind. There are some touches so different, that we cannot forget how they made us feel. Would you like to write about them for WOW?

Writing Prompt
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Style Steal: 10 Best Shopping Streets in India

Are you a fashion junkie for whom shopping is not limited to fancy malls and air-conditioned showrooms? Well, if you don’t drool after designer labels and love hunting for chic stuff that looks great regardless of the brand tag, you are probably at the right place. Wandering through our metros and towns, we have listed some amazing shopping streets that are the ultimate abode for a fashion pro.  From our ‘Dhinchak‘ Bollywood ensembles to international runway looks, these markets take inspiration from everywhere and become the most colorful canvas for fashionistas to design their own looks from.

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Buzzing Blogosphere – IPL 2016: The Journey Till Now

The vast and diverse country of India agrees over only 1 thing – cricket.The only exception to this rule is IPL, as loyalties of all the cricket crazies of the nation lay with different teams. Once people’s favorite teams take the field, nothing else seems to matter; the glitz, the glamour and controversies take a backseat and those 22 yards take centre stage. The 9th season of IPL has reached a nail biting stage, with Sunrisers Hyderabad and Kolkata Knight Riders leading the pack, and players like Krunal Pandya stirring the pot occasionally. Regardless of whether you are a cricket buff or not, you can’t resist asking ‘Score kya hai?‘ or ‘Kaun jeet raha hai?

Indian journalism

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WOW – ‘League of Lost Things’

In our ‘Today’, nothing is indispensable. How many times have we found our stuff missing, lost things randomly to thieves or negligence, and lent them to people who never gave them back? Life is a journey of constant loss and gain. While we collect loads of assets and relations through our time here, there are things or people we lose to circumstances. This Saturday, let’s talk about loss and build a whole league of things that we knew, loved and lost!

League of Lost Things

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Lookbook: Summer Workwear 2016 for India

The mercury is soaring high and there is no alternative to looking perfect at work even after scrambling in the heat to reach there. Corporate work wear can be a real struggle when the weather is simply refuses to cooperate. While many offices have become more relaxed in terms of dress code, a formal outfit is still recommended when you’re going for an important meeting. Be it formal ensembles or smart casuals, there is no doubt that you should flaunt your style quotient at the place where you spend most of your waking hours. Summer gives you a myriad of outfit options to experiment with, to keep you cool and stylish.

After reading this blog post, you might want to keep the usual trouser and shirt combo away and sift out looks that are more classy and comfortable.


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Tangy Tuesday Picks – May 9, 2016

Tangy TuesdaysBlogging is not just about moulding words into works of inspiration and unforgettable tales. It is a way of freezing the moment and reflecting thoughts to the outer world. Be it happiness, hurt, pain or opinion, putting forth the hurricanes at the back of your brain needs loads of internal processing, which bloggers are proficient at. We make sure that your thoughts don’t fade into the unknown and reach out to those on the same wavelength as you, through this week’s edition of Tangy Tuesday Picks, which features some of the best Indian blog writers.
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