Tangy Tuesday Picks – May 9, 2016

Tangy TuesdaysBlogging is not just about moulding words into works of inspiration and unforgettable tales. It is a way of freezing the moment and reflecting thoughts to the outer world. Be it happiness, hurt, pain or opinion, putting forth the hurricanes at the back of your brain needs loads of internal processing, which bloggers are proficient at. We make sure that your thoughts don’t fade into the unknown and reach out to those on the same wavelength as you, through this week’s edition of Tangy Tuesday Picks, which features some of the best Indian blog writers.

  • Who: Sid Balachandran
  • What: “From The Ashes”
  • Tangy: “The Phoenix must burn to emerge from the ashes”. We all have trodden down roads that consumed and tore us apart. One wrong choice in choosing a partner can open the doors to hell and make you struggle each day to keep your identity intact. But love can rush in and make things brighter for you, only if you let the light usher in and nurture you to become your full self. After surviving the the storm, there is nothing that you cannot overpower. Sid creates an amazing story on conquering your fears by breaking your cocoon and never looking back.

  • Who: Sakshi Nanda
  • What: “The Life of the Over-Anxious Types”
  • Tangy: How many of you are over-thinkers? Some people are anxious about almost anything and everything. They keep deliberating over things and their minds never stop processing even the tiniest of the details.When it comes to mothers, some go through a silent attack every time their kids fall ill. The race with time and the helplessness of being an over concerned mother is beautifully penned down by Sakshi.

  • Who: Ramya Pandyan
  • What: “No Generation Of My Own”
  • Tangy: There is a minority group of people who have always been called ‘ahead of their age’. There are days of gloom at school where you feel out of place and the innumerable problems in their love lives with age gaps hovering on their heads. We have always been wrapped by cliches making us less of ‘who we are’ and more of ‘who we should be’. Here’s an insight into the life of girl who finally finds her place in the universe and is happy to be there, irrespective of anyone’s perspectives.

  • Who: Amita Gulia Sehrawat
  • What: “Reasons Backing Some Superstitious Beliefs”
  • Tangy: India has always been plagued by unknown superstitions passed down to us since ages. Many of us fail to get the logic behind them, and dismiss them as creations of ignorant minds. While questioning them leads to a convolution of Grandma’s rants, many tend to silently adhere to them as their miniscule contribution to world peace! Here we found some really convincing origin stories of some common myths that you may have refused to follow because they seem illogical at first glance.

  • Who: Suvro Chatterjee
  • What: “Socialism, capitalism and human nature”
  • Tangy: Upon careful deliberation of the world around, many would term it as ‘not a good place to be’. Before conferring this sample group of humans as pessimists, we must examine the nature of people and events all around us. If we dig deep into the human psyche, we can connect the dots and find self interest as their basic instinct. The modern tech world is far away from goodness and is being hauled into the vicious circle of materialism and consumption.

  • Who: Rachit Sharma 
  • What: “Secrets Of Successful Entrepreneurs”
  • Tangy: All of us are smitten by the riches and accolades of those who happen to achieve success during their time on earth. Some are tagged to be born with a silver spoon while others’ stories of an uphill battle are quite apparent. While every achiever has a singularly different journey to the pinnacle of success, there are some common patterns that we see binding them together. Careful observation of their habits and endurance will lead you to knowing what the have-nots can change to get on to the highway of success.

  • Who: Amreen B. Shaikh
  • What: “Why use Social Media Marketing Strategies?”
  • Tangy: Are you the Beethoven of words but are still singing your verses to yourself with no audience? Being a blogger is not just about extraordinary talent of manifesting content anymore. It also needs the skill to make it reachable to the targeted audience. Social marketing is generally seen as the domain of brands and companies, but it certainly has its benefits for bloggers across genres. Read and apply some of this tips, and watch your traffic numbers and engagement levels soar!

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