Winner Announcement: Shortcut Safaari Weekend Activity

We never realize how much we can do for the environment, unless we take some action. It can be preserving our forests, tree plantation activities, judicious use of natural resources or sustainable industrialization that doesn’t harm our ecosystem. All this presently is ignored blatantly and we are outrightly disrespecting our Mother Nature.

Therefore in the Shortcut Safaari Weekend Activity, we had bloggers talk about what kind of steps they would take to teach their children to save and nurture Mother Earth. We were amazed to learn that there is so much we can do in our limited time to preserve nature.


It is time we acknowledge the efforts of the bloggers and announce the names and prizes for them.

1. Shaivi Sharma 
2. Anitha Rebello
3. Ashwini Kumar
4. Bidesh Das
5. Anita

Congratulations to all the bloggers! Your ideas will continue to inspire our readers and take steps to act responsibly towards Mother Nature.

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