Book Review: And So Can You!

“Work on your goals, one step at a time. Remain focused and do not stop. You will be amazed how much you can accomplish over the years. In most things in life, it is not the speed but the consistency that matters.” ~ Dr Roopleen

In And So Can You! by Dr Roopleen, 17 successful doctors share their inspiring stories. Stories of dedication and perseverance, of self-belief, hard work and commitment.  If you love reading stories that would help in personal development, you should not miss this one!

And So Can You! Book By Dr Roopleen

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Overview of the book

And So Can You! is a collection of 17 inspirational success stories of doctors who struggled with challenges, braved obstacles, and made it through because they believed they had a dream to fulfill and a mission to accomplish. The stories behind the lives of these successful doctors. The journeys they embarked on. The guiding factors that drove them along the long and arduous journey. What motivated them to work hard and how they made it despite facing numerous challenges.

These are the stories of dedication and perseverance. A journey of self – belief and faith, of hard work and commitment. The book unravels the secrets – why these doctors are where they are today. How they succeeded in accomplishing their life goals.

About the author

Dr Roopleen is a Motivational Counselor, Speaker, blogger, life enthusiast, author of 4 books and has contributed to many anthologies.

Roopleen is also an Eye Surgeon having super-specialized in Retina. She believes that though Ophthalmology is her profession, motivational counseling and writing remain her passion. A hard-core optimist and a die-hard advocator of positive thinking, Roopleen is passionate about living life to the full. Her ideology in life and her blood group happen to be the same: B-POSITIVE!

Ever since she can remember, Roopleen had two dreams- to become a surgeon and to write. She considers herself lucky to be living her dream doing things she loves doing; life couldn’t have been better, she feels. Roopleen truly believes that all dreams can come true if you are passionate about them and relentlessly chase them.


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6 Replies to “Book Review: And So Can You!”

  1. Hi,
    I’ve read all inspirational success stories of doctors who struggled with challenges and the overview of this book. I like it and wanna grab this one for my brother who is a doctor.

    Thanks for sharing the article.

  2. Hi,
    Great Inspirational Book.
    Wow how did doctors struggle for success. I believe in both handwork and smart work.

    Thanks for sharing motivational and self helping book.

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