Winners Announcement: “Who’s Your Jug?” – #DearZindagi Activity!

‘Friend’ a sibling from another mother who has your back throughout your life. The bond that is very strong and profound. It is a relationship of mutual respect, understanding and support. The one you can look up to at any point of time in your life. Who rejoices with you in your happy times, and gives you a shoulder to cry upon in sadness. Such is the magic of friendship and its essence.


We at BlogAdda wanted you to participate in the second contest “Who’s Your Jug?” – #DearZindagi activity and blog about that one friend who brings enrichment in your life. All our voracious bloggers took part in the contest and submitted awesome blog post about the same. We were really glad to read about your ‘Jug’ in life. Here’s a list of bloggers who are proud owners of these exciting prizes!

Top 2 Winners Who Get To Meet Alia Bhatt Are:

  1. Nikita Goel
  2. Arvind Passey

Top 20 Winners Who Win Couple Tickets At PVR Cinemas Are:

  1. Nidhi
  2. Felicia Nazareth
  3. Aaliya Thahseen
  4. Ruchi Verma
  5. Bhairavee
  6. Dr. Abhyudaya Shrivastava
  7. Dew Cool
  8. Ila Varma
  9. Infantina Thanga Nivetha
  10. Shalini
  11. Sapna Bansal
  12. Richard Fernandes
  13. Ritwika Roy Mutsuddi
  14. Prashant Pradhan
  15. Bindu C
  16. Atul Sharma
  17. Vineet Chhajer
  18. Bidesh Das
  19. Mayuri R Baruah
  20. Rohan Kalia

Congratulations to all the winners. We wish you all the luck for your future. Keep writing and let your words enlighten the hearts of many and continue to #CelebrateBlogging!

8 Replies to “Winners Announcement: “Who’s Your Jug?” – #DearZindagi Activity!”

  1. Disappointed with the selections particularly the winners who will be meeting alia. How can Coulrophobia be jug when you were supposed to write about a friend.

  2. A win is always pleasing. Thanks. 🙂
    And Mahesh, why do you want to limit the definition of a ‘friend’ to just humans? Please think beyond convention and then maybe my post will cease to remain a disappointment.

    Congrats to other winners as well.

    Request to Team Blogadda… you may, if you think appropriate and if he accepts, please transfer my prize to Mahesh Somani. I really do not like to see bloggers drowning in disappointment.

  3. Thank you Blogadda team.

    Loved the other blogs. Also As Mr. Passey said Jug can be anyone or anything. Loved your blog and writing style very much Mr. Passey.
    Cheers Mahesh.

  4. Dear Arvind yes, I would have agreed with you about extending the definition of friend, but read the following lines in the description of the contest. “This special person is like a lifeline to save you from all life’s horrors. The one you can wake up at an ungodly hour. You know you can bank onto them to give you a patient listen.” Now person certainly does not include the things which spoke about.

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