Tangy Tuesday Picks – November 22, 2016

Tangy Tuesday Picks by BlogAdda

Tring! Tring! It’s not your alarm clock that’s ringing folks. It’s that time of the day when this week’s Tangy Tuesday Picks are here to inspire and refresh your mind. We at BlogAdda love to serve you with some tangy picks of the week and refill your day with some good vibes and wonderful reads. So, get ready for some nice gripping stories and inspirational thoughts for the day. If you wish to get featured at BlogAdda,  submit your blog posts to us!

  • Who: Random Indian Things
  • What: “An Open Letter To PM Modi By A Common Man”
  • Tangy: The decision to stop the flow of black money in the entire nation, has lead the common man thank the government wholeheartedly. Our Prime Minister who played the game of politics with full precision to pull down all the money hoarders and the common man breathes with a sign of relief is appreciated by all. This letter to PM says, that we are in support of this motion. Take a look at the common man’s perspective!

  • Who: Shoumik De
  • What: “Miracle”
  • Tangy: Difficulties may arise at any point of time in our lives. We tend to panic in such situations and think why on earth are we facing such tribulations. Despite all the unwelcome scenarios, faith in the power of God and his mercy will always lead you to light. There’s no value of brightness without the dark. All we need is to have firm belief that everything will be fine soon. Pray unconditionally no matter what you going through, eventually you’ll be blessed with God’s love and kindness!

  • Who: Nitin
  • What“The Purpose Of Art – Coldplay Global Citizen Festival
  • Tangy: The ability to think creatively and express your thoughts and visions through different mediums is the work of art. The proficiency that satisfies the soul of an artist and mesmerizes the mind of his audience, is like earning what the art eventually desires for. The virtuosity to yield something fruitful and promote the power of excellence is the only motive of a true genius!

  • WhoAdarsh Raj
  • What: “A Love No Different”
  • Tangy: The pain that shudders your mind to lose someone special is unexplainable. Your love grows more knowing no boundaries, all you wish is to live a little more with that someone special. This beautiful fiction reflects the love so profound, that is rare to find in today’s world! Read and let the love flow more!

  • Who: Ranjana N
  • What: “Demonetization To Innovation”
  • Tangy: The brave movement of demonetization has created mixed reactions in the entire country. Where a common man has glitter in his eyes and anticipation to see India corruption free. There are people who are criticizing this evolution, as their bank of black money has no place secured. It’s high time we adapt the new rules and witness the changes taking swiftly!

  • Who: Aritra Chakrabarty Sengupta
  • What“And My Minds Wanders To A World Remade”
  • Tangy: We humans are the most complicated species. Time and evolution has eventually brought in a lot of changes in society’s paradigm. We thrive for perfection but forget to maintain peace in our own surroundings. Everyone is running to fulfill their mind’s gratification. The worldly leisure has occupied our mind and heart more, leaving no place for appreciation for what we have!

  • Who: Roma Gupta Sinha
  • What“The Incomplete Feeling That Lingers On… (Food For Thought Series Vol-7)”
  • Tangy:  Often the incidents of our past, haunts us. There are people who are not able to outgrow such fear, that in turn affects their present life as well. It’s always better to close the chapter once we’ve been thorough with it, and just grasp all the lessons learnt. Be it any incident that caused us pain in our mind and heart, needs to be forgotten for a happy tomorrow!

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