Tangy Tuesday Picks- November 1, 2016

Tangy Tuesday Picks by BlogAdda

Hello all the beautiful people out there! After bidding a sweet goodbye to all the Diwali fun and frolic, it’s time we sit back and gear up for some reading. This week at Blogadda we are all in the mood to motivate, cherish, inspire and awaken with this week’s Tangy Tuesday Picks! Let’s get going and wipe away the dullness of the day with some fantastic write ups that will keep you inspired. Stay in the festive tune and cast an eye over these wonderful inspirational blog posts. If you wish to get featured at Blogadda, submit your blog posts to us!

  • Who: Sadhuvi
  • What: “It’s my Blood..What bothers you??”
  • Tangy: Menstruation is a natural phenomenon in a woman’s body. Why even today it is still misguided by some myths? The irony is, that a woman who bleeds every month is considered ideal to give birth to a child, on the other hand the same woman with periods faces the trauma of discrimination. In today’s world where we talk about equality and gender roles, women still are banned to enter the place of worship, or cook or stay in the same room. Why? Shrividhya throws light on this prevalent topic, take a look!

  • WhoMayuri Nidigallu
  • What: “Of Fasting, Feasting and Memories”
  • Tangy:  Grandparents are the lifelines of a family. The times spent with them is always cherished. We get to learn so many things, that somewhere down the lane, helps to shape our future. Fasting has been the oldest tradition in Hindus, as this is considered one of the medium to connect with God and fulfill the holy duties. Mayuri, shares her experience of fasting for the first time!

  • Who: Ekta Shah
  • What: “This Diwali- Enlighten Your Heart
  • Tangy: This Diwali while you add light, shimmers and decor in your home. Also add some light, joy and warmth in your hearts. The festival that leaves a trail of all the goodness and hope behind. Let’s nurture it with care and bury all the negativity and grudges. Let’s ponder upon all the teachings that help us to be a better person. Let your inner light glow with happiness, joy and feeling of oneness this Diwali!

  • WhoNeeraj Dwivedi
  • What: सैनिक Sainik – 3
  • Tangy: Have you ever pondered upon your safety? The world today dangles between progress and threat to mankind. Our soldiers at the frontier borders ensures peace and security of the entire nation. They are the real life heroes whose story remains unsung! They are the people who sacrifice not only for the nation, but also sacrifice with love, togetherness and bond with their family. A tribute to all the soldiers and their family, whose contribution and sacrifice can never be overpowered by any other thing in the entire universe!

  • Who: Ada W Light
  • What: “Why Live? Why not to die?”
  • Tangy: To live a fruitful live, one must know how to embrace the prospects of failure. Life is all about ups and downs. Not everyday is about sunshine. There are days when the darkness surrounds you and you’re at your lowest. How you deal with all the chaos within and around, takes a lot of courage. Once you learn to overcome your own fears, disappointments and failures life rewards you with the most beautiful unexpected answers. Don’t give up! It’s the downfall and failure that teaches you the value of success and joy!

  • Who: Deepa Gandhi
  • What: “Dare To Dream And Conquer The World!”
  • Tangy: Future belongs to those who believe in the power of their dreams. There will be times when you face a high tide coming your way, but strong determination and will to conquer all the obstacles are the milestones to success. Dream is like a blueprint in your mind, all you need is the right instinct to turn that dream into reality. Life with no dreams, is like a heart without beats. So keep dreaming and keep living!

  • Who: Positive Vibes
  • What“Be thankful today..”
  • Tang: Give thanks for all the beautiful little things in life. Rejoice and cherish the gifts you have, for what you have now, others may not have it. Gratitude is a discipline, one must practice each and every passing moment. Amidst all the juggling with life’s course we often tend to forget about life’s ethereal gifts and blessings. Let the heart’s content be expressed with two words ‘Thank you’ and show gratitude in abundance!

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