Tangy Tuesday Picks – October 11 , 2016

Tangy Tuesday Picks by BlogAdda

BlogAdda wishes you all a very Happy Dussehra! As the good wins over the bad, we hope peace prevails on the globe and light ushers through every nook and corner, illuminating us into a new bright day! Well, every Tuesday we come up with the best creations by our beautiful bloggers, this time too we are back with our ‘Tuesdays With Morrie’ sessions. For a change, we have these amazing stories in place of Prof. Morrie! Read and tell us about your favourites, and if you wish to be read  submit your blog posts to us!

  • Who: Prithvi Singhvi
  • What: “Caste!”
  • Tangy: While India is basking in the glory of modernism and economic development, the core of our society still remains haunted by our social evils and narrow mindedness. We still live in a nation where tyimg the knot out of the state raises eyebrows, let alone the religion! On top of it is our rotten and illogical caste system that fails to taste the elexir of modernity.

  • Who: Akshata Ram
  • What: “I Get To The Top Based On My Merit, Not To Tick Off A Diversity Check Box”
  • Tangy: Since we are going through the feminism revolution, a lot of MNC’s take it as their moral responsibility to reflect their gender equality principles through their diversity columns. Women are hired and given a chance in all the spheres, yet their personal struggle to walk on their career path makes their journey no less than an ordeal. When it comes to performance management and leadership, women, still have to face the gender card. If we create an equal competition, can we dream of an equal judgement?

  • WhoGuncha Dhawan
  • What: “For All That Matters”
  • Tangy: We live only once, and yet the gift of life is taken for granted every single breathing day. Most of our life span is unhappily eroded in the quest to please others, fulfilling dreams that are not even ours and many times living a hundred lives but not the one that keeps us happy. Yet, the inevitable questions of ‘Am I Happy’ keeps haunting the inner self taking many of us down the gloomy road. It’s never too late to live again, and Guncha intends to do exactly the same!

  • Who: Tiyasa Khanra
  • What: “Colloquy”
  • Tangy: Every day we play a role, our part on the stage of the world’s drama. Once the show is over , we all retreat to ourselves, taking off the mask and lounging at the backstage of our rooms. Once the night falls, so do our demons and inner selves emerge, ready for a tête-à-tête. Before sleep takes over, we all have a colloquy, contemplating and introspecting over very being. Here’s Tiyasa, opening veils of her mind, a must read!

  • Who: Sinjini Sengupta
  • What: “No! The power and the right. The answer. And, the questions!”
  • Tangy: The recent release of the movie ‘Pink’ has been more of a revolution sending ripples of change throughout the Indian society. While the movie put forth a lot of unquestioned rules and puts a question mark on many stigmas relating to women, can the change demanded ever cross the barriers of the cinema? While the movie does shake off our skin, could we actually implement its spirit over the future?

  • Who: Parvathy
  • What“Let’s distract ourselves.”
  • Tangy: Under the garb of travel and tourism, Kashmir has a lot silenced and shushed. Behind the beauty that the nature has gifted to the place, is the heaven that deals with its own hell each an every day. What seems pretty on the front has its own tales of bloodshood, war and guns. Would you like to remove the facade of the natural beauty and take a look at the swollen faces of those who inhabit the place? Or would you too choose to be distracted and turn a blind eye?

  • Who: Pooja Bhatt
  • What“While Road-tripping through Undiscovered Gir Wildlife Sanctuary”
  • Tangy: For the travel bugs, here’s a virtual trip through the Gir Wildlife Sanctuary, a perfect blend of undiscovered adventure with nature’s spectacular beauty. A place where flora and fauna bring out the perfect nuptials, this one should be on the top list for those who love to discover the nature’s trails.

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