Spicy Saturday Picks – October 8, 2016

Spicy Saturday Picks by BlogAdda

Hello everyone, with this Saturday painted purple,¬†we wish that your Navratras be even more¬†jovial and cheerful!¬†Here we are, with some extra sugar for your festive mode, with this week’s Saturday Spicy Picks. A treat for all the readers from the world of bloggers, these best pen downs of the week¬†are just in time for the weekend fun!¬†Let’s take a quick dip in the world of magic as these wizards weave words of profound imagination for us!¬†If you’re interested in getting your post featured with us,¬†submit your blog posts to us!

  • Who:¬†Siddhesh Kabe
  • What: “Nine Minutes to Paradise”
  • Spicy: The quest of territory and ownership to one’s state under the grab of war has never seen a positive outcome. In between the hatred of a few, ego of a bunch of people and the political tactics of the leaders, it’s not only the army and the militants that drain blood. With a war between between two wrong across the borders , death leaves none and often kisses both sides. With every heart that stops beating with a bullet, often a trail of lives is ruined, leaving nothing but extreme loss and manslaughter.

  • Who:¬†Ramya Rao
  • What: “Fair & Lovely
  • Spicy: One must be¬†the light that outshines your inner and outer beauty. Break all the taboos that define your existence on the basis of your appearance, the melanin content of your skin¬†or the girth of your waist. For you have nothing to feel shattered about. God created us all and we are his masterpiece of different kinds. Embrace your beauty and walk with your head held high. Your¬†perfections are strong enough to surpasses all your imperfections.

  • Who:¬†Shuchita
  • What: “Chained
  • Spicy: Don’t you feel bound by the shackles of responsibilities at times? This feeling is common to all and we all go through this phase. Wondering how to get rid of all the chores and just set yourself free. Well, how do we decide weather to stay¬†with the usual life that we eventually chose to live or flow in the mellow of freedom? Here’s Shuchita thinking your thoughts out loud!

  • Who: Jackie Jain
  • What:Amplification And Attenuation Of Our Thoughts”
  • Spicy: The entire universe contains some¬†energy and aura that we emit in our everyday life. Let your inner conscience guide you to your path. Let it speak to you, so that you overcome the turmoils of negativity and spread the positivity around. The world is a beautiful place, if we consider it to be. Let’s take a call on spreading the virtuousness and wipe away the malice¬†from this world for a better living. How do we do this? Jackie¬†has an answer.

  • Who: Kushal Lakhani
  • What:¬†“A¬†Strengthy¬†Weakness”
  • Spicy: The world today talks and walks equality.¬†Still our conceptions come down to¬†comparison. But do we even realize that our weaknesses are just tiny freckles¬†that can be diffused into¬†strong will and determination. Winning the battle is not important, what really matters is the courage that we hold to fight till the end. After all, ups and downs are a¬†part and parcel of life. So are the weaknesses that can be conquered with strong wit.

  • Who: R Niranjan Das
  • What:¬†“Panchgani- Cosily Nestled Amidst the Silver Oaks”
  • Spicy: Panchgani is a promising¬†weekend getaway or a vacation with your loved ones. Are you looking out for a quick break from your mundane routine? Panchgani is your hault¬†to relax and enjoy the poised serenity of mother nature. A feeble¬†19 kms away from Mahabaleshwar, Panchgani swells up to its beauty in the monsoons. Take a look and you’ll be spellbound by it’s beauty.

  • Who: Reshmy Pillai
  • What:¬†“I Am A Drifter & No I Am Not Lost
  • Spicy:¬†Our childhood motivation is quite driven by the hunger for success when we grow up!¬†Being oblivious and naive to what it takes to become successful, our eyes shine bright with the dream to become someone¬†that the entire world will remark one day. It’s only when adulthood hits that we face the dreaded question wreaking of reality- Are¬†we¬†happy with what we’ve¬†become. Reshmy found her peace¬†when¬†followed her dream and unknowingly has made us ask ourselves-¬†Are we¬†living your childhood dream?

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