AddaTales- “I had a nightmare”

Hello lovely people, we are back again with this week’s #AddaTales to rejuvenate your weekend a little bit more. This week’s #AddaTales prompt was, ‘I had a nightmare’ as we all have had one nightmare that with a single thought still send us into shivers and goose bumps. Visions that gave us night terrors often send us into haunted holes, scary and lonely. Yet again we had participants on twitter, who were all set to put on their creative mode and weaved a thrilling story. Are you all ready for this week’s story? Well, let’s get going for a gripping read.


I had a nightmare, a figure was lurking from behind the door, there was intense darkness. The noises around me were also confusing me.It was eerie and it was hard to focus.But, my gut feeling was scared about something, I had always dumped in my memories.

I was watching a thriller alone, it was interesting but very scary. When I turned, there he was, standing right in front of me with a bloody machete. I was trembling with fear. I wanted to shout out loud but found my voice choked. I jumped out of my couch before he could come near me. The figure near me was quite scary. Blood oozed from his mouth and protruding eyes. I shut my eyes but still peeped a little checking on what was his next move.

He moved towards me pointing, and my heart beats, Is he going to hurt me? Will this be my last moment to live my dreams? “Stop it”, I howled at the figure. I was myself astounded as to how I gathered courage to shout at this deadly figure.

“Cool boy, I’ll not hurt you if you help me, you ready Tarun?
You know my name? Yes, I know all details of you. Yes, after all, you were the soul who answered for all my plan chat questions. You were the one who brought me here & now you have to help me get out.

“Hey, don’t confuse me, tell me what you want from me?” I said.
“Accompany me to the house near by and get me the papers,” he said.
I asked, “Where are the papers and what it is?”
Ssshh, don’t say loud. I was murdered by my ex-wife, she did that to own my ancestral property. In any case, I will not let this happen and I need your support.
In that house,while i was slowly opening the lock.My heart was thumping in my rib cage,could count the beats and my hands were numb.

Finally I opened it. My vision was blurred by the bright light. It was as if I was standing on the gates of heaven. Am I dead already? But How did I die? I don’t recall having any unnatural death or am I supposed to? But, Slowly I opened my eyes to accept my fate.But the noises behind me were growing louder.They must be the people who came to visit me after my death, I thought.

I can’t accept this. I need answers. What happened to me? Finally, my fear was turning into tears of emotions. When I suddenly heard someone call my name. I turned and saw Varun laughing out loud. Why is he amused at my death? Now was I alive or is this some kind of prank ? Confused. And then I realized.I was standing in his apartment drenched in sweat, with my shorts on in front of a refrigerator. What? What happened? Sweating profusely and mumbling words like I have forgotten to talk.

Suddenly it came back to me. We were watching a horror movie, I felt asleep and was dawned in another scary world. And in my nightmare I saw the man in the movie. I woke up with jolt, blabbered something to Varun and ran to the kitchen. They were making fun of me. I smiled with little fear still instilled in me, like really? My stupid fears.Till today I am centre of all horror jokes.
You fall prey to so many deeds when you are fearful, I wondered.
Mr. Nightmare, while I learnt, horror movies and fever are not a great combination.
“Tere bus ki nahin hai horror movie, tu comedy film dekha kar, bachcha hai tu abhi,” they laughed.
Laughing on my own fears, I decided to stay strong henceforth.

Wasn’t this a gripping and a thrilling story? The story of a nightmare that made us also feel the horror. Thanks to all the enthusiastic participants for weaving a great read for this week. Let’s meet them here:

1.Ila Verma  


2. Ammy 


3. Shweta Mehta 


4. Jey Devi 


Thank you for being a part of #AddaTales. People, don’t forget to weave your own stories on BlogAdda’s Twitter handle next time on #AddaTales!

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