Tangy Tuesday Picks – October 4, 2016

Tangy Tuesday Picks by BlogAdda

Tuesdays are dipped in red as the entire nation celebrates the fourth day of Navratra. We are back again with this¬†week’s Tangy Tuesday Picks. We are sure the festive season has finally set our souls into trance and work is just an aching wound these days! Just to refresh and pep up your mood, we have the best remedy for all the readers. Let’s dive into the world¬†of wonderful stories, poems and thoughts that will¬†revitalize¬†your Tuesday. Read and tell us about your¬†favourites, and if you wish to be read ¬†submit your blog posts to us!

  • Who:¬†Rashmi Raj
  • What:¬†“Will you be able to let go?”
  • Tangy: A child¬†spreads an ecstatic energy in its parents¬†lives. From being Mommy’s apple of the eye, to being Daddy’s heartbeat, he/she is the centre of their universe. The love filled bond¬†and gratitude stays till eternity. Regardless of the imperfections, both a child and a parent hold each other firmly. As the¬†child grows, and is ready to face the world, what would you do? Let him or her set forth on his own journey? Or let your child stay in the same safe shell? Well, it definitely is a tough decision for Rashmi, let’s take a look at her thoughts on this.

  • Who: Raksha Bhat
  • What: “The Scavengers”
  • Tangy: “Cleanliness is next to godliness”, a lesson learnt since our preschool days.¬†It’s easy to implant a seed in one’s mind about cleanliness and hygiene. But, how much do we nurture the idea to grow into a clean bud? On personal level, yes we do! But, what about our surroundings? It costs nothing to keep your city pristine. A small initiative makes a big impact. NaMo’s ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan’ is one example. After all, healthy and clean living is all about efforts, says Raksha.

  • Who: Subha Rajgopal
  • What: “Are you emotionally sensitive?”
  • Tangy: Are you the one has unlimited buckets of tears close ready to overflow in sensitive situations? Having an insight into others agony or expressing your own is not bad. But, letting this emotion take over you, can be a misfit. The right balance with emotions play an eminent role. Don’t let your kindness, become your weakness. Empathize, but at the same time be cautious. Don’t let emotions hamper your well-being.

  • Who: Dipanwita
  • What: “Marriage Is Not Necessary, But, I Still Am Not The One Night Stand Girl”
  • Tangy: Marriage is a mutual relationship that promises eternal love and support. But,¬†is it a matter of necessity or a choice? This question still remains unanswered, especially in India. We live in a society where a girl is labelled as ‘unmarried’ from ‘single’ after she crosses a particular age!¬†Why can’t this beautiful alliance between the two, be their choice and not a mandate. Let this system of marriage evolve from old beliefs to a new one.

  • Who: Harshita Shrivastava
  • What:¬†“Do what you love, love what you do!”
  • Tangy: Hardships are the part and parcel of life. It’s always up to you, how you choose to live by these circumstances. The turmoils can cause severe breakdowns. But, how you strive and emerge as a new person all together is what counts. We are born to rise and fall. And in this expedition of ‘Life’ some may stay for a while or some forever. Value the present and live each day like there’s tomorrow.

  • Who: Avisek Bandyopadhyay
  • What:¬†“Karma & Punishment”
  • Tangy: Well, Karma as we all know is the sum of actions in one’s life. Everyone is grappling between the good and the bad, trying to attain satisfaction and rewards. As, we believe in the theory that life is a vicious circle and Karma decides your end result. But on the contrary,¬†Avisek¬†sees ‘Karma’ from a different perspective.

  • Who: Anjali Sharma
  • What:¬†“Peculiar case of a new age Jugaadu Mom”
  • Tangy: A Mother being the jack of all trades,is the one who handles the baby’s nappy pad to carrying an i-pad. She manages to outshine everyone in all the hustle-bustle. Keeping herself updated with this fast paced world is her wit. Socially active and to be on the list of super mom, is her criteria. Juggling with all the daily chores and still maintaining that ambitious mom image, is not an easy play for all!

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