Spicy Saturday Picks – October 1, 2016

Spicy Saturday Picks by BlogAdda

Hey Folks, Saturday has started on an auspicious and bubbly note with Navratras calling! It’s time to adorn kurtas and chaniya cholis, get on a partner hunt and dance till your legs hurt. Sweets and delicacies are all around us and we are so much in love with the festive scent around. BlogAdda too is in the celebration mode and has got the best lot from the blog-istan to add some perks into your weekend carnival! If you’re interested in getting your post featured with us, submit your blog posts to us!

  • Who: Mukulika Basu
  • What: “Disagreeing With Mother”
  • Spicy: The umbilical relationship between a mother and a child is often soured by daily bickerings and clash of opinions between the two. Often we fight with the ones we love, yet sometimes we choose our ego and  stay headstrong with our mothers. Our mother is often the recipient of our rebellion and disagreement, while fathers bask in authority that is never questioned. Little do we understand that mother holds our heartbeats and is our pole star in the god forsaken world.

  • Who: Swapnil Pandey
  • What: “Types Of Stalkers That Every Girl Loath Off!
  • Spicy: If the safety manual talked of in ‘Pink’ movie is taken seriously, we bet all the girls would want a chapter on the ‘Stalker’ species. An easy to pinpoint clan, you find stalkers all around you, from your workplace to parking lots to to even your Facebook accounts. Well, till the time the manual gets published, Swapnil has some theory lessons for the girls!

  • Who: Riddhi Sharma
  • What: “Adopting The Culture Of “Umbrellas” At Workplace
  • Spicy:  Monsoons often give us a companion for some days- our precious umbrellas. They fill up the road canvas with vivid hues and create an umbrella culture throughout the city. Kindness and support kindles in different forms when umbrellas open up. That little space we make for people to keep their eyes from getting poked, the two minute umbrella share and the forever umbrella exchange programme at work makes monsoon a brimming field of humanity!

  • Who: Durga Prasad Dash
  • What: “Sunday Musings And Random Notes
  • Spicy: Sundays are leisure filled time pockets that are hard to find our usually scheduled week. They are a perfect conduit for our thoughts and contemplation to meet words, as the mind gets refreshed and stress free. Sometimes, the writer in you doesn’t need a prompt or a well defined cauldron to empty its mind in. Random musings too can open horizons to debate and discussion.

  • Who: Reshmy Pillai
  • What: “What A Nation Laughs At Is Serious Business”
  • Spicy: Laughter is the best medicine, but would you take up the pill on the cost of someone else’s smile? These days roasts and comedy shows fill up our family time. Insults, bullying and body shaming is what makes the nation laugh and any rebuttals are often tweeted as intolerance! What makes us laugh says a lot about our nation’s social behaviour and the revelations are quite disturbing.

  • Who: Fiona Nazareth
  • What: “Time Is What We Want Most- But Also What We Use Worst”
  • Spicy: Time stays for none. It is the only element around which everything revolves and yet time is the most transient of all. When we look upon the life trails of the successful lot, it is their wit in time management that sets their journeys apart. Nevertheless, its the school systems that should instill the talent of using time the right way to form firm foundations for our future gains.

  • Who: Nabanita Dhar
  • What: “The Balancing Act: A New Mom Speaks
  • Spicy: Women are often expected to leave behind their previous roles as they enter into a new one. From a bachelorette to a wife, she keeps her family and home at the back seat, motherhood demands from her to leave behind her career prospects and choose the stay at home job, and the list continues. The cycle of keeping herself the least priority often takes up her whole life. The choice is yours, to let motherhood and womanhood balance or let the latter be all about your sacrifices. Nabanita is a living example of how you can wear as many hats as you want and never let the woman in you fail!

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