Spicy Saturday Picks – September 17, 2016

Spicy Saturday Picks by BlogAdda

Pssst…Wake up! Saturday has dawned on us! It’s time to wake¬†up to the gleaming morning, get your reading glasses (the geeky chic look is in!) and start¬†reading¬†the Spicy Saturday Picks of this week! Yes, open the screen and fish through the blog! Oh Wait… Here it is. Now that you are finally here, here are the week’s best literary hunts, especially for the voracious reader in you! Do you want people to read your blogpost on Tuesday and Saturday too? All you need to do is write awesome stuff and let us peep in! If you’re interested,¬†submit your blog posts to us!

  • Who: Urmi Mukherjee
  • What: “Weekend destination from Kolkata: The temple town of Bishnupur”
  • Spicy: Sometimes, it’s better to get your head away from the mundane screen, revv up your bike or drive a car and wander. Who wouldn’t want that? While many of us stare at pictures with a mental note of travelling to places ‘One Day’, some make sure they roam about the centuries and relive the history that defines the place. What could be better than to start with the nearest places around your town? Kolkata, here’s a small gem that you can discover on a weekend!

  • Who: Kuntala Sengupta
  • What: “Odd One Out
  • Spicy: A¬†lot of characters are chalked out from bits of the¬†author’s personality. An author gives birth to an imaginary character in his stories, kneading them into the dough of his imagination and words. While reading, little does a reader know of the author’s presence throughout the story. Many times, authors relive their souls and stories their way, and make their destiny bend to their will through their words even if real life doesn’t always match up.

  • Who: The Solitary Writer
  • What: “Even A Booty Shake Can Ruin Ones Life!”
  • Spicy: Journalism has a responsibility to voice the opinions of people, but paparazzi is a different animal altogether. Entertainment journalism can make or break careers. While media ¬†helps in driving artists to the peak¬†of their careers through publicity and limelight, it can turn into their nemesis too. Read this story and know!

  • Who: Geetashree Chatterjee
  • What: “Boss Ka Sauce”
  • Spicy: The world would be a much better place if the bosses wish¬†it to be! Well, no matter how hard people work, there is always be a¬†pair of binoculars from the corner office¬†focused on your minutest activity. The boss, good or bad, is always ready to catch you unawares with his gyaan and a stray lecture here or there. But would the corporate jungle of learning and unlearning be competitive without the whims and ramblings of a bossy boss?

  • Who: Ranjini.S
  • What: “Grandma Tales ‚Äď Of Food & Coffee”
  • Spicy: If mothers are the personification of love, grandmothers are a step ahead with a little bit of ‘grand’ added to them. Grandmas relive another motherly bond with their grandchildren, without expecting¬†a refund for the love and care they shower. The apple of their eyes that are their grandchildren make them bow down with love to their¬†every tantrum and demand. Can we ever repay them for their endless love? A good beginning would be to have an open ear as they teach us priceless things through their talks!

  • Who: Pawan M
  • What: “The Great Indian Obstacle Course”
  • Spicy: While India has a God for every obstacle in the world, what no prayers can save us from is the wrath on the Indian roads. Our traffic system and roads are no less than a daily ordeal for the common man and nothing can save you from the bumpy ride to work. On the enlightened path to work, you might have obstacles pushing your limits and mobility! Here’s a wish to keep you safe from the creatures¬†on the roads.

  • Who:¬†Mirrored Black
  • What: “Gaslighting”
  • Spicy: Our world of ambitions might fill us with an adrenaline rush but the cost of climbing the ladder is sometimes too much. Behind the self obsessed modern lives of social sites, painted faces and infinite aspirations, lies the dark side that fights the transience of everything around. Inside, there is utter nothingness¬†and no clue to where we might be headed.

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