#AddaTales – ‘They met and sparks flew!’

Love hardly finds a way to bloom through hectic work schedules and a week staring at work! Well, weekend’s here to make up for the love that missed you! This week, #AddaTales had cupid taking aim as two pretty souls dance their way through love. This week’s prompt was- ‘They met and sparks flew!’ and indeed sparks flew around wrapped in the romantic tale that followed! We too skipped a few beats as our scriptwriters got a little lovey dovey for the weekend! So hurry and read right through the story before Rishi and Neha say those three little words!


They met and sparks flew, not the cozy ones, but the deadly ones. He was attending his friend’s wedding and was busy showing his dance moves. The way he swayed his body gathered everyone’s attention in the procession. Except one, who was not impressed by it at all.  

It was sheer show off for Neha. He was so deeply engrossed in his dance moves, he didn’t realise that he was drifting towards Neha. Maybe he was deliberately trying to understand her ignorance, as he slowly moved towards her & BOOM. They bumped into each other and fell on the ground. Neha tried to keep herself away but it was in vain. Both of them got up.

“Can’t you see I am dancing?” He started shouting.

“Yes, I can see that but can’t see any sign around you saying danger – keep distance!” Everyone started laughing. He became more furious as he was enjoying the attention. They were on the ground and none of them was willing to give up.

“Hey Rishi, what happened? Why are you on the ground?” his friends came and helped him get up. He turned around instantly to offer help, but Neha being a stubborn one shrugged the offer and tried to get up herself, almost falling back.

A sturdy hand stopped her from falling on ground. Never did she know that she will end up landing in a secure place forever, a place she will live happily forever in. A forever that began now. Sparks flew and this time they brought her bright future with them. She was in Rishi’s arms with the moment frozen, anger vanished, as their eyes met.

Slowly the laughter around them turned into whispers and she saw her happy ending written in the pages of the book of her life. Neha laughed as she recalled the story for the nth time and felt the same love flying across her as she wrote it down.

Did you meet the wizards behind this amazing tale?

1. Ammy


2. Paresh Godhwani

Paresh Godhwani

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