Spicy Saturday Picks – September 9, 2016

Spicy Saturday Picks by BlogAdda

Saturday is finally here, singing Kala Chashma since yesterday! While most of you are busy dancing to this tune with your movie date, BlogAdda is celebrating¬†Ganeshotsav on the glittering streets of Mumbai! This week has been ¬†full of celebrations and modaks, and we are not in the mood to count days before Ganpati Bappa says goodbye! Amidst all this, the¬†blogosphere¬†too remained bustling with new stories and without much delay, here’s your share from this week!¬†We’d love for your blog posts to join the party! If you’re interested,¬†submit your blog posts to us!

  • Who: Satyender S Dhull
  • What: “Hidden Heritage of Barog and Dagshai Hills”
  • Spicy: Destinations that have acquired name and fame in a many travellers’ journals are easy to explore. Little do we discover the routes that bifurcate from the lanes ambled on by many. Satyender took us by sweet surprise by taking a turn towards the untouched paradises of¬†Barog and Dagshai, perched on the hillocks around Shimla! Kulu-Manali lovers, here’s an interesting detour for you!

  • Who: Vishvaraj Chauhan
  • What: “T√äTE-√Ä-T√äTE
  • Spicy: Life is as simple as we make¬†it.¬†Yet we give it complex forms, adding our expectations, definitions and boundaries. We make living a frustrating job,¬†owing to our incapability of accepting things as they are, by creating our personal templates of happiness and perfection. Would you like to join Vishwaraj for this¬†enlightening conversation over a cup of tea? Here’s your chance!

  • Who: Vanessa Rowe
  • What: “Why Walking is (NOT) a Good Idea”
  • Spicy: Enough of walking for a gazillion benefits from happy eating to body toning¬†to living forever. Undoubtedly, walking is the best exercise, but what that pedometer doesn’t account for is the encounter with crowds and human hurdles¬†that seem to make sure you never reach your destination! Walking in the woods can be relaxing and fun, but walking on the streets of a city is quite the opposite because of the intriguing beasts you might chance upon.

  • Who: Arunima Dutta
  • What: “Comfort in a bowl of rice”
  • Spicy: In times of distress our mind often wishes to snuggle into the warmth of memories. Some recollections¬†curl beside us and refuse to leave unless we embrace them and let their vibes calm us down. When reality becomes too much to bear, you can call upon these comfort zones to swaddle you until you’re ready. These comfort zones more often than not are related to our loved ones, who live in our heartbeats even when they’re far away.

  • Who: Shuchita
  • What: “Women in charge”
  • Spicy: Women have battled numerous inequalities and inhibitions while climbing up the ladder of success in their work spaces. But that’s not where the struggle ends. In the quest to please everybody, a working woman often creates a rough patch in her career curve, allowing frustration and disappointment to come in through the cracks. With power comes responsibility and the choice to stick to one’s standards and duties, ¬†all while keeping the task of perfection for another day!

  • Who: Nehal Sethia
  • What: “On Being Introverted”
  • Spicy: We all cherish our warm friendships and relationships, sharing our lives, little joys and sorrows with those we love. A lot of us are actually scared to live alone, and surround ourselves with a social circle, so we¬†always a shoulder to cry upon! However, life can throw moments at you where nobody or nothing can soothe the pain, and only you have the ability to be your sole confidante, a fact an introvert knows well!

  • Who: Bhavesh Bhimani
  • What: “The Sunday Morning Bazaars”
  • Spicy: Who doesn’t love Sunday mornings? They have been the brightest spots of the week since childhood, filled with morning shows and late brunches!¬†Even memorable was that short trip to the bazaar, hand in hand with Maa or Baba and a jhola swaying along, ready to be filled with bargained grocery for the week! Bhavesh goes down the beautiful memory lane and we are happy to¬†accompany him!

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