Tangy Tuesday Picks – September 6, 2016

Tangy Tuesday Picks by BlogAddaWake Up! The weekend is over and for those who had some extra blessings from Bappa in the form of a holiday need to do a reality check today! Yawning in denial, we can picture many of you staring at our screens like zombies! Well, to make sure the festive mood stays put, here’s some fresh dose of literature wrapped in a shiny package called Tangy Tuesday Picks! If you wish to see your blog below to be sampled by BlogAdda readers, submit your blog posts to us!

  • Who: Vibha Ravi
  • What: “My daughter and I – finding each other through travel”
  • Tangy: At home, mom and kids have an unequal role, where mom mostly gives orders and kids comply. But once you step outside, it’s a different thing altogether! Travel can transform souls into their finer selves through lessons that only routes and terrains can preach! It makes you shed your regular persona and take on anew character. How much fun would it be to discover this new persona of your favourite soul? Traveling with children makes you realize things not just about the destination, but also about them, and yourself too!

  • Who: Roshan R
  • Tangy:  The number of weird and downright crazy things that people have done on their astrologer’s advice could fill a book. Astrology is a much revered art and most of us start our day by reading our horoscopes. But there needs to be a check on how much you rely on this unverified science to lead your life. One change in planetary position or your time of birth and your destiny changes! Do you really want to live your life on Earth guided by all the other celestial bodies in the solar system?

  • Who: Rajeev Moothedath
  • What: “A Tip for the Confused Student”
  • Tangy: On Teacher’s Day, we honour teachers, but now let’s spare a thought for those on the receiving end. Life has never been easy for a student! Lectures, homework, endless exams – an average day in a student’s life seems to taken a hint right out of Takeshi’s Castle! On top of it are the endless career options that seem to offer all hues from promising to boring to exciting! Students are expected to take decisions for life in teenage years, and consider everyone’s wishes above their own! Don’t worry, here’s a way out.

  • Who: Muser
  • What: “On Aging & Death”
  • Tangy: We all have our personal version of Sylvia Plath from “The Mirror” residing within. Whining and cribbing, the dark side of our soul feeds on our insecurity of ageing and approaching the ever dreaded truth of our existence – death. Little do we welcome the beauty in wrinkles that speak volumes for our lessons learnt and never do we embrace the white strands that flaunt the wisdom acquired. Can the body and mind sync with this inevitable truth?

  • Who: Lata Vijaybaskar
  • What: “Life Lessons from Homemade Ganesha – what a mom can teach”
  • Tangy: Monday was an auspicious day for the country as we saw a perfect confluence of Ganesh Chaturthi with Teacher’s Day. Every mother is the perfect embodiment of these two festivals, as she is the Vighnaharta who stands before every obstacle and is the first person who gives the most important lessons. No wonder, charity and good values begin at home, and here’s Lata moulding the right values into her Ganesha!

  • Who: Victor Truth
  • What: “The Believer”
  • Tangy: Where belief comes, logic fails. Calculations and reason often take a back seat, if it’s your belief system, fueled with unflinching faith and love that’s taking the wheel. Only those who have tasted the bittersweet tincture of love and separation can fathom the power of belief, oblivious to the doubts and mockery of the so called sane crowd that lives solely by logic.

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