Spicy Saturday Picks – September 3, 2016

Spicy Saturday Picks by BlogAdda

Far from the laborious routine of the week, the weekend has us perfecting ‘La Dolce Far Niente’! The sweetness of doing nothing! Let’s do nothing this Saturday and just be! Put off the laundry, ditch the kitchen, forget the workplace and let your mind meander into its blissful state.¬†Hop on to the couch and get carried away to different worlds by bloggers who have pored over their laptops to bring you their miracles. If you wish to see your blog below and¬†be read by¬†the masses, submit your blog posts to us!

  • Who: Shailaja V
  • What: “Am I Making Enough Memories?”
  • Spicy:¬†The modern world keeps us constantly wired to the nearest WiFi or the closest charging kiosk!¬†Our technical advancements have given us plenty of advantages, that somewhere take a toll on our relationships and the bonds we create with our loved ones. Do we as parents do enough to be a pivotal presence in our¬†kids’ memory bank? Keep the gadgets away and give it a thought!

  • Who: Saurish Hegde
  • What: “The illness
  • Spicy: The human mind is an intriguing creation. A mere short circuit can haunt the whole nervous system¬†of the brain. A mind that once bloomed with love and affection can suddenly deform into a destroyer. To what extent can this neural hide and seek destroy the very core of what makes us human? Read to get a chilling answer.

  • Who: Pradeepa Rao
  • What: “The Moment.”
  • Spicy:¬†Every wife has a heartfelt desire of getting to know the pampering¬†side of her husband! No matter how burnt the toasts might be or how¬†bitter¬†the tea would end up, it’s the love within their effort¬†that makes the meal lovely! Sometimes a short trip behind the stove can end up reshaping a couple’s role at home, making the moment stay carved in their hearts forever!

  • Who: Hemant Vashisth
  • What: “Kiska Maksad”
  • Spicy: Behind political boundaries, wars and terrorism, are humans that are swayed this way or that like puppets. While innocence fights and rots in the wrath of revenge and hatred,¬†can this be our common intent? Emotions are very easy to inflame, but who are the real masters of this weapon, the possessor or the manipulator?

  • Who: Souvik Barik
  • What: “REBORN”
  • Spicy:¬†We see death as the opposite of life,¬†the dark night, as opposed to the bright day of life. That needn’t be the case always, as death is a constant part of life. Death sometimes knocks at the door of someone whose time hasn’t come, and in this fight between life and death in No Man’s Land, victory belongs to the one who can navigate this grey area and hold on to the end.

  • Who:¬†Svetlana Baghawan
  • What: “Downtown Yangon’s colourful chaos”
  • Spicy: We travel to escape the known and go into the unknown. As amazing as it is to discover new places, it is also great to find traces of things you know in a new place, which is a message from the world that we are not that different from each other as mankind. Yangon, as Svetlana calls, is a platter of delicious whiffs to colourful streets, with plenty of food for the photographer’s lens and also a trigger for old memories and sights.

  • Who: Fiona Nazareth
  • What: “The City Tree”
  • Spicy: Amongst the cemented floors and crowds that care no more, are our green leafy friends struggling¬†to breathe. Most people take from nature when they please and ignore their surroundings in their busy lives. Nature on the other hand,¬†like a selfless mother, keeps her head up high through her trees and bushes. Here’s the tale of a tree that makes sure it faces the bright side of life, despite being in not-so-ideal situations.

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