Spicy Saturday Picks – July 09, 2016

Spicy Saturday 0907

With BlogAdda, blogging becomes fun and easy. From creative prompts to mind blowing creative platforms, every blogger’s wish comes true as we track thoughts that were waiting to come out on paper! Undoubtedly, some posts are so appealing that we HAVE TO make sure they get their due exposure in the vast blogosphere! Here are some riveting spicy picks for your lazy Saturday! If you wish to be featured here and reach out to a huge number of people, submit your blog posts to us!

        • Who: Ruchira Mittal
        • What“No Problem”
        • Spicy: Although there is no doubt that crime has always been a constant but unwanted part of our lives, the fact is that nowadays it gets more footage, literally, all thanks to cameras and 24/7 news. As the world becomes a global village, there is information overload about the negativity around us. Our systems have lost faith in the good and our mind perceives everything as a conspiracy. What we forget is that the world is full of good and bad, and generalization will just hurt our world view. In the end, most of the people are good at heart and willing to help; we just need to have a positive eye to notice them.

        • WhoRamya Abhinand
        • Spicy: They say that the silence of people is more dangerous than the ill actions of bad men. The lack of repercussions just fuels their perverted actions, bringing more victims in their clutches. This is especially true when it comes to harassment of women, as keeping silent is ingrained into the system. Now is the time to talk about harassment, as we’ve seen that not speaking up suppresses the issue, instead of eradicating it.

        • Who: Bindi Sevak
        • What: “Not Fair”
        • Spicy: Life is not fair, but life is not that bad too. The ups and downs in life may vary in their amplitude yet ending one’s life is never the right solution. Being a perfect roller coaster ride, happiness and sorrow are its part and parcel. One needs to go with the flow and not demand to get off the ride itself. Here’s a fictional story about losing, gaining and clutching on to hope by Bindi.

        • Who: Stuti Bansal
        • What: “Then, when and now.”
        • Spicy: Time changes and so do people. What earlier was a passionate love which sent butterflies fluttering in the stomach loses it charm when one of the two in a relationship changes. What earlier consisted of endless conversations, jokes that made the two laugh and an eternal bliss engulfing both hearts, changes its course as life happens and cupid flies away through the windows. Forever is not a word that exists anymore, at least not for everyone.

        • WhoSandeepa Chetan
        • What: “The Leh Manali route – an epic journey”
        • Spicy: The Leh Manali route is one of the most enthralling road trips that one can take in India, with lush greenery, snow capped peaks and crystal streams greeting travelers at every turn. The 470 km route has a mixture of everything epic, scary, adventurous and WOW. Look for yourself and plan a trip ASAP, for this is one journey you cannot afford to miss!

        • Who: Shivya Nath
        • What: “How Responsible Tourism Can Challenge Patriarchy in India.”
        • Spicy: Our country might have touched modern heights yet the the core of India is still steeped in patriarchy. Shivya tracks her journey from being a mute spectator of such systems in her travels to speaking out to make a difference. Responsible tourism can not only change mindsets about women, it can also open up new avenues of earning and freedom.

        • WhoAnimesh Roy
        • What: “You Are Working Hard But You Don’t Have Any Tangible Output! Why?”
        • Spicy: Most of us work hard and expect outputs based in proportion to our mental and physical input to the work. This leads to getting disappointed after the rewards don’t add up to the hours or work that we put in. While it is said to be a great practice to work just for the pleasure of it, most of us like recognition for what we bring to the table. Animesh gives you tips to make sure your hard work hits the right mark.

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