Spicy Saturday Picks – July 02, 2016

Spicy Saturday

Bloggers often seem to have a third eye, that can look past the mundane and explore other dimensions. Blogs are their pronounced¬†attempts to capture what’s visible to the soul in all it’s glory. While their imagination is invisible to the human¬†eye, they try their best to capture their inner voices through prolific stories. This blogging bug bites new people every day and there are also people who are long standing and happy victims of this affliction. BlogAdda tries to bring both into the spotligh through its Spicy Picks. Here are some beautiful Saturday stories we stumbled upon through the week. If you wish to have your blog adorn this space, click¬†here.

        • Who: SAPNA DHYANI
        • What:¬†“A letter to the garden that I left behind”
        • Spicy: Emotions¬†are the essence of being human. What makes us different from the world of flora and fauna is¬†the ability to¬†express ourselves in the most vivid ways. We find our¬†happiness residing in our loved ones or find peace doing things we love. The love for such things is a deeply personal thing, the importance of which is understood only by the person experiencing it.¬†Sapna misses the garden that she nurtured with utmost care and love,¬†but has had to leave behind.

        • Who: PRABHAT
        • What: “ŗ§óŗ§įŗ•Äŗ§¨”
        • Spicy: India might have become one of the fastest growing economies, yet this development evades the poorest of the poor. Underprivileged people¬†toil daily, trying to get through the daily curse of inflation, corruption and the woes of ¬†poverty. And instead of taking concrete steps to eradicate poverty, people, especially those in power, keep thinking of innovative ways to use this situation to the best of their ability.

        • Who: Aathira Jim
        • What: “Hiraeth”
        • Spicy: Love that was meant to be but chose to remain silent in front of the cosmic plan¬†often whispers¬†its passionate stories, taking us back to a past that could have been the reality of today. In between these random moments, past has knocked on our door once or twice.¬†This simple yet complex conversation opens up¬†a¬†Pandora’s box, setting free the beautiful times lost, unfulfilled promises and dreams and heartbreaks as well.

        • Who: Nitin Dangwal
        • Spicy: The heaviest burden of all is an unfinished story¬†that keeps haunting us throughout our lives like a Vetaal sitting on our necks. Holding a grudge against¬†a person damages us way more than it does the wrong doer. If not for the sake of the betrayer, forgiveness brings peace to ourselves. No matter how hard it is to grant a single sorry or stop expecting the utterance of an apology, we have to master the art of forgiveness to keep off the huge weight that keeps weighing our peace down. Why is it so difficult to forgive?¬†Nitin tries to find an answer to the subtle human instinct¬†that keeps many entangled in the life cycle.

        • Who:¬†From The Teacher’s Diary
        • What:¬†“A rose for my teacher”
        • Spicy: Teachers are not just our educators¬†but the pathfinders that lead us to the road to success. Not only are we put¬†on the right path¬†through their careful scoldings, they often help us shape into beautiful human beings, becoming¬†a¬†true amalgamation of a friend and a mentor. Yet, the young generation that just blossomed into puberty can take their soft words in a completely wrong way and mistake their love in a completely unacceptable way.

        • Who: Academy for Creative Training
        • What:¬†“The child in us”
        • Spicy: If there is a genie that grants our three wishes, one of them has to be taking us back to our childhood days, for most of us. Growing up moulds us into social norms,¬†defines our boundaries and takes us away from a¬†simple life that finds happiness in the sweetest of things. With time, each one us forgets the kid in us as complexities and responsibilities take over.

        • Who: Sukanya Samy
        • What:¬†“Davos and Zurich”
        • Spicy: Photos help us recreate memories, places, occasions, people and much more. One look at a photo, and you are transported to what you felt when you were in the moment.¬†It is this mankind’s contribution, that makes us travel through places and unleashes the mind to wander through the globe without booking a ticket. Here’a a trip amidst the Alps through the scintillating landscapes of Davos and Zurich.

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