#AddaTales – ‘I crouched behind the car, trying not to make a sound’

The excitement and rush that creating a new story bring is a feeling that is pretty incomparable. And when the inspiration for writing is thrilling in itself, no one can stop a double dhamaka! That’s what this week’s #AddaTales prompt did – it gave you an adrenaline inducing prompt to write about, and the story that followed made all our creative dreams come true! The prompt was ‘I crouched behind the car, trying not to make a sound‘, and people on Twitter created multiple threads of stories that took wildly different directions. One great story stood out from all the good ones, so read it below and tell us about the kind of ride it took you on in the comments section below!


I crouched behind the car, trying not to make a sound. I wanted to remain concealed from his prying eyes. Yet wanted him….to feel my presence. I wanted to play the cat-and-mouse game with him. I knew he would soon find me, but I was moving around and was keeping a close watch on him. I wanted to see what he is going to do? Suddenly he began to move towards the car. My heart beats began racing with every step of his. I started running away from him. He started following. He was blackmailing me from behind. I was scared. My thoughts began whirling, ‘What if he is a serial killer?’ ‘How could I’ve trusted him this much?’ I was drowned in negative thoughts; if he is involved with some gang, then my identity is at stake too, I’m at risk. People around me weren’t trying to help, though they saw me running from him. I thought, ‘Has humanity died?’

I was running hard & all of the sudden I fell down due to a stone. He saw that & came faster towards me. ‘Come on Riya, you can do this. Get up!’ I encouraged myself. His steps became even faster. He held me by my hair, his red eyes roving on me. Blood was oozing from my face but he was least bothered. I wanted to slap him hard. I wriggled my hands and legs. But he had a firm grip on me. He held the gun towards me and his looks scared me to core, he had broken my trust, I had never dreamt of this side of him. I looked at the gun with terror in my eyes.Time was running out. I wondered why I hadn’t receive the signal yet.

Love and my firm belief in him couldn’t see further, as I had never encountered his wildness. “Leave me!” I shouted aloud. Then, the director’s voice came floating over bluetooth, “Cut it!” He lowered his gun and we burst out laughing. “You are awesome” I’ve worked with many freshers, but your potential is unusual, you have nailed it in first break. “I never knew that a real life couple could act out a terrorizing scene so well. Good job!”
Then, I hugged him and we dwelt in the happy moment together. “Celebrations at Hyatt for my beloved, never knew you could act so well”. I winked at him. We were escorted to the parked car. He embraced me tight and licked my lips. “Love you darling”, he said.

So that was the filmy, crazy and heart thumping story that #AddaTales inspired this week. Here are the writers who created this #AddaTales

1. Kavya Janani

Kavya Janani

2. Ammy


3. Paresh Godhwani

Paresh Godhwani

4. Ila Varma


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