Spicy Saturday Picks – June 18, 2016

Spicy Saturday

At BlogAdda, we are in constant awe of the beautiful creations that we keep seeing from bloggers in the literary sphere. The portrayal of one’s inner thoughts is not an easy task to do. Through his multiple musings and confessions, a writer gives easy access to his readers to get under their skin. Father’s Day will be celebrated tomorrow and fathers will bask in their well deserved glory. What are your plans for the day? On that note, let’s¬†have a look at some amazing thoughts that went up on the Internet¬†last week.¬†If you wish to get your blog discovered like this, click¬†here.

        • Who: Mahathi Anand
        • What:¬†“ACCEPTANCE”
        • Spicy: The world and society thrive on what’s familiar and ‘normal’. Different is often taken as synonymous to wrong, unacceptable and worthy of being put down. Being judgmental is the easiest thing to do, as is shunning someone who does not fit in your definition of what’s acceptable. For those who have to live under the constant pressure of being accepted in the society as who they are born as, here’s an account that raises a question on what effect biases have on people.

        • Who: Shweta Ravindran
        • What: “Eyes Wide open”
        • Spicy:¬†Those who take a daily dip in the pool of love for their God do not have an answer to justify their endless faith in¬†the holy presence. God, the ultimate power, keeps his eyes on everyone. The cosmic presence, prayed to by many for different reasons, can come to it’s own rescue if need be! Does God spare¬†those who try to play a sneaky game on him? Here’s an enthralling account of divine justice that gets¬†us face to face with the question of his existence.

        • Who: Amit Phansalkar
        • What: “THE SONG OF TOMORROW”
        • Spicy: We coexist in a¬†world that awards undue importance to the outer shell.¬†Living in a society that is always on the hunt to target someone’s outer imperfections, our physical attributes have somewhere become our life’s only anxiety. We are nothing but mere¬†‘touch-me-not’s’ to our imperfections that are visible in the mirror, keeping our inner faults always out of question. Little do we contemplate on our intentions, dreams, words and thoughts. Ageing also gives you wisdom and experience, yet it is always seen as a sign of¬†the transience of looks, considering it¬†more as a liability than an asset these days.

        • Who: Purva Mestry
        • What: “A Murder She Saw”
        • Spicy:¬†Blood relationships wrapped¬†in pure love have become tales of the past. Unquenchable greed has now taken the ugliest forms of blood lust that doesn’t think twice before breaking the familial bond. We are now a part of the world, where family is the potential threat, not outsiders. A heart wrenching prose by a heart betrayed by her own blood gets us face to face with the reality so harsh, that you will long for the simple days of the past.

        • Who: Onkar Sharma
        • What:¬†“MEMORIES FOR SALE”
        • Spicy: Can intangible memories be sold? A house that has seen ups and downs, the brightest of sun lit days and the gloomiest of sobbing nights is in fact a roof to multiple memories. Promises lie unforgotten in the nooks and corners, hopes keep walking around in rooms, relief sings through the windows and grief lurks somewhere in the attics. A house on sale is not just a monetary deal, it is an¬†unspoken exchange of thousands of memories, remembrances of times that are now unbearable to the author.

        • Who: Lakshmi
        • What:¬†“Lucky Dad, Lucky Us”
        • Spicy: Dads are the unshakable pillars of family, with their love seeping through¬†their caring strictness and silent affection. Love of a doting father is incomparable and immeasurable. A simple scene of him¬†¬†playing with one of his little ones, carefully keeping an eye on the other¬†shows the infinite emotional bond that keeps all kids close to their heaven on earth. Celebrating Father’s Day due tomorrow, get into the gratitude mode with a warm post that is drenched in dad’s love and teleports us all close to our Daddy.

        • Who: Sivasubramanian Perinkulam
        • What:¬†“Why wings ?”
        • Spicy: The mind desires what it¬†doesn’t possess. The mind wanders to what it doesn’t know. While some around us fold hands asking for bounties of life, the author sees his luck in the simple yet surreal facts of life. The vibrant¬†canvas of the skies, out of his own reach intrigues him and calls him for further exploration.¬†Wings, is what he yearns for. Yet, an unknown secret touches him. Will his wish be granted?

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