Spicy Saturday Picks – May 07, 2016

Spicy Saturday

Can you imagine, there are as many stories as there are people in the world? “No one will tell your story, so tell it yourself. No one will write your story so write it yourself.” – Unknown. What are you waiting for? The weekend is here for you to read the stories shared by bloggers. If you want to be on the other side of the spectrum, share your story to get featured in our Spicy Saturday Picks by submitting them here

        • WhoSunita Sriram
        • What“(S)milestones”
        • Spicy: Birthdays are special occasions as everything close to your heart appears in front of your eyes, all at once. The number of years, the relations you’ve built, the achievements, fulfillment and/or non fulfillment of desires – it’s a recap of all things good and bad. We often evaluate our performance of life on such a day. Sunita reminisces about her 4 decades and the beauty of reading fairy tales even today.

        • WhoDr.Nidhi Joshi
        • What“After me”
        • Spicy: The thought of how the world would appear after you breathe your last will make you go dizzy. Who will miss you, who will not, what will they recall about you and why? Has this thought ever crossed your mind? At some point in time till date, it surely must have. Dr. Nidhi tells narrates a beautiful poem that sees the beauty in a person beyond life and living. The one that will always bring back memories related to a certain person.

        • Who: Naina 
        • What: “Why My Mobile Phone Is Out Of Service”
        • Spicy: Let’s accept the fact that we cannot live without our phones. You don’t know who is missing you, you cannot make payments or watch funny videos. You cannot see the number of likes on your latest DP, nor can you know what is going on in this big world. People however, did live when these small gadgets (who are now becoming our overlords) were not discovered. This blogger has now quit this addiction, and now lives a blissful life.

        • Who: M V teja Chilamakuri
        • What“A short story. A Screenplay.”
        • Spicy: The minds of people who can come up with creative fiction work in different ways than others. Their imagination, perception and the angle of seeing worldly affairs is precious and fascinating at the same time. This blogger made an attempt to begin with screenplay writing and shares the beautiful process of it with the prologue in his post.

        • Who: Neelakanthan
        • What: “Once Upon A Time Journalists Reported News”
        • Spicy: The present functioning of the media and the news industry is being questioned not just by the educated class but also by people who initially did not have much to opine about news be it of any category. The fabric of ideal news reporting in all forms (print, digital and electronic) seems to be tattered by paid news and loss of objectivity. This blogger has a take on fake news that has become the rule more than the exception.

        • WhoBhanu
        • What“Are rituals performed in India relevant in modern age ?”
        • Spicy: Rituals are an integral part of Indian society. The fact however remains that most of us follow these rituals merely because we are asked to. Not because we really identify with the significance or accept the reasoning given to us. A blind following of a notion only causes one to lose interest in it, which is evident in the younger generations. For Bhanu, it is time to ask questions about rituals.

        • Who: Shivya Nath
        • What: “Soul Searching in the Ecuadorian Andes.”
        • Spicy: Travel is one of best ways to discover life. The fleeting stories, questions, realizations and experiences that are gained with each trip and destination influences the person in you. Shivya Nath reaches Ecuador, climbs the Andes and supports the local economy that was devastated by a recent earthquake. Know more about her trip as she shares her beautiful memories with us. 

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