Spicy Saturday Picks – April 30, 2016

Spicy Saturday

Given that we are a community of bloggers, we know and understand the power of writing. Every passionate blogger knows that writing is what everyone does. So what distinguishes him/her, is to write and make a difference. If words can bring a change, all you need is a blog to make this world a better place. So what are you saying today? Tell us how by submitting your posts here

        • Who: How do we know
        • What“The parents were right. We screwed up.”
        • Spicy: ‘Aaj Kal Ke Bacche‘ is a phrase known to most of the kids of all generations. They say age and experience are like wine, the older, the better. When parents advice, it is because of experiences and as kids we often fail to get the depth of it. This blogger brings out, how the kids of today screw up the different spheres of life and remain just fine.

        • WhoAmerican Punjaban PI
        • What“What’s in a Name? Does It Really Define Who You Are?”
        • Spicy: Name changing in many of the communities all over the world is considered to be a mandatory ritual, especially for girls. A lot of us do realize that a name is not everything about a person, for life is unpredictable and every individual is different. What difference would it ideally make to the inner individual that you are.  This blogger evaluates.

        • WhoRajrupa Gupta
        • What: “GO LEARN COOKING! TODAY!”
        • Spicy: Cooking experiments can say a lot about your love for food and how you see it as except a basic necessity. About food, blending the spices, noting the time and most importantly whether you both share a bond for life. If there is a time when one can discover this, it is when one is away from home. Rajrupa tells us the importance of crafting delicious dishes.

        • Who: Bhumika Shah
        • What“Sex and Sin…”
        • Spicy: Love can be delusional, especially if one is not convinced enough to commit it to the opposite person. When this bond gets converted into a marriage, one is expected to understand what is spoken and also what is not spoken. But what if the latter fails? Bhumika explores.

        • Who: Om Malik
        • What: “How Far Have You Come?”
        • Spicy: Reminiscing back to your earlier days brings fond memories on the fore. Like the smell of your favourite book, bedsheet or a dress. A corner of a road, house or a park. A personality, experience or an incident. It makes you realize that life is rich with all that is less materialistic. Om Malik talks about his old memories and the finest that is precious to him.

        • WhoVinod Vadakkadath
        • WhatIs Conformism the Key to Happiness?
        • Spicy: In every self introspection session with ourselves, we will come across things that we have accomplished and the ones that we have’nt. When we reason out why we did not make it to our targets, we need to ask a very important question to our approach towards life. Vinod will tell you everything about that question.

        • Who: Ramaswamy V Krishnamurti
        • What: “Dare to dream…..”
        • Spicy: “A dream is not that you see in sleep, dream is something that does not allow you to sleep” – Sir A.P.J Abdul Kalam. But somehow in our growing years we tend to price this dream and start equating it with over analysis instead of the heart. Ramaswamy tells us to dare and dream at any given point of time in life. 

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  1. Thank you so much for choosing this blog entry for the Sipcy Saturday! Humbled and honoured ! Thank you! If it changes one life, that will be great!

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