Spicy Saturday Picks – April 2, 2016

Spicy Saturday

 The weekend is here and so are our Spicy Saturday Picks. Participate in the #MyMowgliMemory activity to win movie tickets and original merchandise. Celebrate this day with our WOW Prompt ‘Pranks I Play‘. Cool down your summers with our Creative Mint recipes To Stay Cool – Our Summer Special. You can now read the Spicy Saturday posts and if you want to submit your own posts, you can do so here. 

        • Who: Maniparna Sengupta Majumder
        • Spicy: While extroverts are lauded for being outgoing, the life of the party and great conversationalists, introverts are always look at with worry for their supposed reserved selves. All introverts share certain traits, which set them apart from others. Check out Maniparna’s blog post about them.

        • WhoCheena Chopra
        • What: “The Backstage Life”
        • Spicy: They say ‘Behind every successful man is a woman’, and from this phrase it’s taken for granted that the place of a woman is behind a man. There is a large number of women who have sacrificed their aspirations and talents so that the men in their life could go out and fulfill their dreams. Though these women get an occasional thanks, they definitely deserve much more.

        • Who: Ritika Tiwari
        • What“Why is Marital Rape still not illegal in India?”
        • Spicy: Marital rape is a haunting reality for many Indian women whose lives see no respite from the trauma and the terror of being unsafe in their own house. While law should be able to give justice to these women, India is a country where marital rape doesn’t come under the purview of the law. Ritika talks about it and some more startling facts by our political leaders chosen by us.

        • WhoKarthik Lakshminarayanan
        • What“The True Message of Christ”
        • Spicy: Jesus Christ continues to enlighten and guide the lives of many millenia after his death. Most people know about Christ’s journey and sacrifice, and the amazing thing is that people are still discovering new layers to his story and learnings from them, as Karthik explains.

        • WhoShreya Zachariah
        • What: “Paper”
        • Spicy: From a birth certificate to your death certificate, your relationship with paper is one for a lifetime. All our life we run after degrees printed on laminated paper money. Here is Shreya’s date with ‘Paper’ where channels a kindred spirit’s thoughts about how we deal with it throughout our lives.

        • WhoShilpa Gupte
        • What“The Real Heroes.”
        • Spicy: We think celebrities have it all, and are immune to common troubles while leading their charmed lives. But the cloud of mental issues spares no one, not even the rich and the famous. The silver lining is that more and more celebs are coming out with their stories of battling mental disorders, which goes a long way in reducing the stigma attached to them.

        • WhoPraveen GK
        • What“The idea of it”
        • Spicy: TheWe all have some activities on our wish list that have always been on the back burner – things that we’d love to do when we get time. To do something new every time is indeed a difficult task. Praveen tells us how the ‘idea’ of being creative is very different from living it.

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