Spicy Saturday Picks – February 13, 2016

Spicy Saturday

The weekend is here, but not just any weekend, it’s Valentine’s weekend! Women bloggers, blog this weekend about stereotypes based on appearance and how you overcame them for the Nihar Naturals #IAmCapable activity, and win vouchers worth Rs. 1000 each! Bring out your quirky side with our WOW prompt ‘9 Fun Ways To Celebrate V-Day’. Join the Bloggers To Authors Program to become a published author this year!

And to spice up your Valentine’s weekend, we have some great Indian blog posts for you!

        • WhoLeena Walawalkar
        • What“5 Guidelines For When Your Toddler Starts Preschool”
        • Spicy: Parenting is exciting every single day. There are new milestones achieved and new discoveries made every day. Though mothers crave some free time from taking care of the baby, they also feel mixed emotions once the toddler starts going to preschool. Leena blogs about this succinctly.

        • WhoSaumya Chauhan
        • What“The End of the Beginning”
        • Spicy: Blessed are the ones who find someone to love in this lifetime. Two people might love each other to bits, but when fate and circumstances intervene, there is little you can do except bury that love in your heart and move on, as Saumya’s story shows.

        • WhoRashmi Raj
        • What: “The Wrong Side of 30, Is That Right?”
        • Spicy: We grin and bear with growing old because we have no other choice. Deep down no one really likes it and we want to always remain young. However experiences enrich life and there’s nothing ‘over the hill’ about being 30+. Feel bad about the number 30? Let this blog post convince you otherwise.

        • WhoRekha Nair Dhyani
        • What: “Teaching is a thankless job!”, she says.”
        • Spicy: Teaching is one of the noble professions but the way in which this profession is treated in India is disappointing. Whether it is in terms of the respect or in regards to the facilities the teachers get, there is more struggle and less rewards for teachers. Rekha Nair Dhyani shares her mother’s story.

        • WhoRaja Gopalan
        • What“Still Life”
        • Spicy: In stillness, lies silence and life. We humans have forgotten what stillness means and equate it with boredom. But silence too has a lot of life and if we look carefully, every nook and cranny of the world has some fascinating mysteries waiting to unfold.

        • WhoAnindita Paul
        • What: “Around the World on Valentine’s Day (Part 1 of 2)”
        • Spicy: Valentine’s Day is the universal day of expressing love. India celebrates it quite conservatively (and sometimes violently, hehe). 14th February brings out a lot of different traditions and expressions of love in different parts of the world. Get acquainted with different cultures and take a cue from V-Day celebrations around the world.

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