Tangy Tuesday Picks – February 09, 2016

Tangy Tuesdays

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Scroll down to read best blog posts by bloggers who never fail to amuse us with their writings.

  • WhoAmi Bhatt
  • Tangy: Today, travel is all about avoiding the beaten path and discovering new places and virgin destinations. A place called Apsarakonda in northern Karnataka is a hidden paradise. It doesn’t feature in many traveler’s list, and has maintained its natural beauty. Know more about the blue waters, greenery and picturesque views with Ami as she chooses to explore this destination in interesting ways.

  • WhoDeeksha seth
  • What“The Chronicles of a Toddler Foretold”
  • Tangy: Babies are cute to watch and play with, but difficult to handle. Things get especially crazy when they enter toddlerhood and start having a mind of their own. A day in the life of a mother is filled with funny, tough and hair raising experiences.

  • WhoBeloo Mehra
  • What“Enough with the Collective Shaming”
  • Tangy: India has so much variety that inclusiveness is ingrained in our systems. When incidents like a recent stripping of a Tanzanian woman in Bangalore city happen, they shake the root of this very system. Some ‘social experts waste no time in painting all Indians with the same racist brush and making things much worse than they are. Beloo tells us why we need to evaluate before giving any public statements about the identities of Indians.

  • WhoBikram Paul Choudhury
  • What“The Mother Who Killed Her Own Daughter”
  • Tangy: Whenever we come across any news, especially scandalous news, we tend to jump to the most controversial conclusions without bothering to check facts. Most of these conclusions are a product of the stereotypes we grow up with. It’s time we paused and checked facts before passing judgments, as this fictional account tells us.

  • WhoAayush
  • What: “Marriages: Arranged in Heaven, Squandered on Earth”
  • Tangy: Marriages might be arranged in heaven, but weddings are made in an event planner’s hellish office. Weddings have become an event where everyone has fun, essentially forgetting the bride and groom. All this hullabaloo is enough to put anyone off weddings, even if they wish to get married.

  • WhoPurba Ray
  • What: “Why I Don’t Get ‘let us inside the Shani temple’ Kind of Activism”
  • Tangy: Feminism has been trending over the past few years like never before. While equal rights for women are the touchstone of any good society, the rise of ‘feminazis’ puts the whole movement under threat. Purba Ray talks about the contradictions that exist in the demand for equal status for women.

  • WhoAnu Sri
  • What“8 ways to reduce dry waste”
  • Tangy: The recent news about cities like Mumbai and Delhi being engulfed in a toxic haze has brought into sharp focus the problem of segregating waste and recycling it. We can’t reduce the quantum of waste produced, but we can manage our waste better to leave a smaller carbon footprint.

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