Your Guide To Valentine’s Day 2016

The season of love is here. A time to show your loved one how much they mean to you not just with words but your actions (and gifts too!). It must be quite a task to innovate your expressions of love every Valentine’s Day, so we’re here to help. We at BlogAdda are great advocates of love, so we’ve put together a Valentine’s Day 2016 guide to help you design the perfect V-Day with your partner.


1. Places you can be at


Discover a new place, a new culture or revisit an old one that could be a storehouse of your sweetest memories. Traveling to an off beat location is something you can look forward to if you both are adventurous. If adventure isn’t your thing, there are plenty of romantic destinations in India that you can choose from to spend the day in the most beautiful way. Check out these romantic destinations and choose the one you see yourself in this Valentine’s weekend.

2. Must Try dishes


No celebration is complete without food. Some great dishes can make the day for you and your loved one. No wonder the idea of V-day lunches and dinners are so popular. Today, we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to cuisines, so indulge your taste buds! These are the must try dishes on Valentine’s Day. If you’re spending a homely Valentine’s Day, then you can check out this Valentine’s Day meal plan!

3. Date Ideas


Whether you’ve been on zero dates or a hundred, a Valentine’s day date is something that can bring alive the butterflies in your stomach. If you’re a girl who’s not very fond of pink, or doesn’t want to go down the regular route by donning pink on that day, here are some ‘hatke’ outfit ideas that will set you apart from the crowd. 

4. Desserts To Make At Home


Think Valentine’s Day and you see pictures of strawberries and chocolates in your head. If you look beyond them, there are many other ways to make your day of love ‘sweeter’. Try any of these 5 Valentine’s Day bakes and find your way into your lover’s heart through their sweet tooth.

5. Movies to watch for


With so many romantic movies made in every film industry, everyone is bound to have a favourite celluloid love story. It can be a classic or a new age romance. Here is a list of romantic movies that you can choose from. What better way to spend Valentine’s Day than to be cuddled up with your partner to get some inspiration from on screen love stories?

6. Fashion trends of the season


Dressing up and looking good for someone who loves you has a thrill of its own. So when you’re planning your romantic date, don’t forget to decide what to wear. It must be something that knocks your guy off his feet! Use these tips and best outfit ideas to look gorgeous for that Valentine’s Day selfie. You can also surprise him (and yourself) by sticking to your roots with the traditional saree look.

7. Makeup trends


Complement your beautiful outfit with great makeup, and you’re set for a memorable Valentine’s Day. Keep it natural and dewy fresh and let your inner beauty shine through. Here are the looks for you to play around with. Match it with any of these cool DIY hairstyles and be ready to kill it with looks alone.

8. Gifts to look forward to


Ah! This is one of the trickiest areas. What do I gift him? He has everything! How do I get to know what’s missing in her wardrobe? If deciding upon the right gift for your lover is giving you sleepless nights, then check out these 10 quirky picks or make a wise choice based on these ideas based on your relationship status

9. Ways to pamper yourself


Self love is the best love! This Valentine’s Day, pamper the person who loves and understands you the most – YOU! If you’re single, then enjoy your own company and pamper yourself, making Valentine’s Day a date to remember. Here are the coolest ways to celebrate singlehood and promote self love.

We hope these suggestions help you in all ways possible to make your Valentine’s Day an unforgettable one. If you would like to share some interesting ideas and suggestions then we are all ears. Go ahead, spread some love. The world needs it.


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