Tangy Tuesday Picks – February 2, 2016

Tangy Tuesdays

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Below are the blogs that will make you fall in love with blogging once again.

  • WhoShobhit Choudhary
  • What“You’re Never Really Alone When You Travel Solo”
  • Tangy: As soon as we start planning a trip, we look for travel partners to share our journey, our expenses and our fun with. Have you faced a time when your travel plans fell through because you didn’t find travel companions? It is time to break away and go solo. Shobhit tells you that even though you might leave alone for the trip, you won’t be lonely for sure.

  • WhoKena Shree
  • What“How I Happily Grew Up With Glasses”
  • Tangy: For people who have spectacles, the world gets divided into two kinds of people. The one with spectacles and the ones without. It does not go down well with the ones who have because their identity gets diluted in adjectives like laaltein, chashmish etc. Thanks to the evolution of styles, frames and so much of variety in the market, spectacles have turned into eye-gear of sorts. Kena shares her story.

  • WhoAbhineet Dey
  • Tangy: Airlift is a movie based on a real story, which amplifies its impact on the audience. It touches and moves every Indian heart. One good thing about a movie based on real incidents, is that it brings certain unknown stories to the fore. The movie Airlift has left out some key points in the interest of making a more gripping movie. We have Abhineet who shares the real story and differences between real and reel.

  • WhoCynthia
  • What“Anatomy of a school sports day”
  • Tangy: As kids, most of us wait for school events no matter how big or small. Whether it is the Annual Function or a Sports Day, kids eagerly wait for a time when we have to stay away from books, strict classroom sessions and heavy bags. These functions however involve parents in equal proportion and they do not enjoy it as much as kids do. Here’s Cynthia telling us why in 20 elaborate points for every parent who attends such events to cheer for their children.

  • WhoPramod Joshi
  • What: “छोटे राज्यों की बड़ी राजनीति”
  • Tangy: Elections are the most important event for any political party. However considering India as a developing nation, every state has a uniqueness with which it empowers a political party. From creating a strong party base, to taking up developmental issues and implementing new projects, a political party has a strategy for each task. Pramod talks about the current state of the major political parties in India and how their win or loss will impact their stance on the canvas.

  • WhoPreeti
  • What“Honest Interviews”
  • Tangy: Interviews often become the defining point in our lives. The pay, number of leaves, location of the workplace and total number of work hours end up shaping our lives. We all therefore have our dream versions of interviews where we crack the interview and impress the recruiter. There are many tips given to nail those interviews, but if we cut through the layers of diplomatic answers, here is what an honest interview would look like.

  • WhoSandeep Patil
  • What““International” future of your child”
  • Tangy: Gone are the days of blindly admitting to your child into a state board school according to your convenience. It is the age of carefully researched international schools. Stop and think before choosing an ‘international’ school, because that tag might not just be misleading, but also dangerous for your child.

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