Spicy Saturday Picks – January 30, 2016

Spicy SaturdayWe have a brand new activity for you in this season of love. Blog for the #LoveAndLaughter activity and tell us the funniest moment you shared with your better half. The first 70 valid entries get assured vouchers and you stand a chance to win CaratLane vouchers worth Rs. 5,000. Our week’s WOW prompt is ‘A World Without Internet’ and we expect some fascinating posts from you. Become a published author with our exclusive Bloggers To Authors Program with amazing benefits and expertise.

Give your weekend a great start with these amazing Indian blog posts.

        • Who: Venkat Iyer
        • What“The winds of Kallanai”
        • Spicy: We think of children as sponges; unaware youngsters who just absorb thoughts around them without having their own thoughts. The truth is children have a keen understanding of what goes on around them. This makes it really easy for them to get disheartened when their innocence is compromised.

        • WhoJudy Morris
        • What: “Things to consider before taking the ‘Parenting’ plunge”
        • Spicy: The concept of ‘personal life’ is lost on most Indians, especially when it comes to things like marriage and family planning. But these huge decisions should be taken only by the concerned parties. Judy Morris gives you a few things to mull over before you decide to have a baby. And no, it doesn’t include ‘Just because the neighbouring aunty thinks you shouldn’t wait too long’.

        • WhoArti
        • What“Shri Ramanathaswamy Shivlingam Temple Darshan and 22 Kund Snanams, Rameshwaram.”
        • Spicy: Pilgrimage is a way to reflect deep within, seek and answer some questions that will satisfy your soul. The charm and serendipity of religious places overtakes all your worries and puts you in the most peaceful state. Arti shares with us one such experience. It is all about pujas, divine chants and kund snan at Ramanathswamy Temple in Rameshwaram.

        • WhoCheena Chopra
        • What“The Bottom Rung”
        • Spicy: There are people who are born with silver spoons and then there is the vast majority of the people who have to start from the ‘bottom rung’. Starting from scratch might not seem like a great thing, but the advantage is that you can decide exactly how your life shapes up. Cheena talks about the charm of the bottom rung.

        • WhoBeloo Mehra
        • What“Of Artist’s Ego, Art for Art’s Sake, Consciousness and More”
        • Spicy There is more to a film than what our mainstream Hindi blockbusters portray. Films in regional languages cross the lingual barrier and are a delight to our senses. These films celebrate the aesthetic beauty of Indian culture. Beloo tells us her experience of watching a Marathi film ‘Katyar Kaljat Ghusali’ and all things she came away impressed with.

        • WhoMayura Govinda Rao
        • What“Make And Take In India”
        • Spicy: In these days of ‘Make In India’, it is really ironic and sad that we’re still under a colonial hangover. We still think of ‘imported’ as good and ‘Made in India’ as a compromise on quality. Mayura finds this attitude entrenched pretty deeply in the Indian psyche.

        • WhoAshna Banga
        • What:  “Things I Miss In The Republic Day Parade”
        • Spicy: We celebrated Republic Day a week ago and to watch the R-Day parade is the best way to remind yourself of ‘Mera Bharat Mahaan’. The grand parade in Delhi showcases the vast culture and diversity of our country, our resources and development in different fields. However, Republic Day celebrations have undergone a few changes and there are some things that Ashna misses, which she lists down in her blog post.

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