10 Essentials For Blogging Success – Part 2

Blogging has long ago made the jump from a hobby to a full fledged profession. It not only allows you to explore your skills and talents but also creates a platform to showcase your work, expressions and skills. Nowadays, how you blog is also as important as what you blog. Earlier this month we wrote about 10 essentials to become a successful blogger and assured you an even better part 2 of the series. So here we present Part 2, with more essentials to ensure that your blog stands out from the crowd.

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1. Select a right Template for your Blog/Website

Select a right Template for your Blog/Website - BlogAdda Collective

If there is one thing that will make you and the visitors want to come on your blog again and again, then it is the design and layout of your blog. The design largely impacts the branding and user experience which become the turning points in establishing your identity in the big digital market. There are thousands of blogs and you obviously need something special and unique to stand out. Here is a list of things that you can keep in mind when you think blog design.

2. Points To Consider for WordPress Themes

Points To Consider for WordPress Themes - BlogAdda Collective

WordPress is one of the most popular platforms for blogging. The ease of use, adaptability and themes that you can get in WordPress makes it the preferred blogging CMS. Their themes come under 3 categories – free, paid and popular. However, choosing the best from so many available good options is not easy. Themes are meant to cater the objective of your blog and its product/service. Here are the metrics and how they will reflect your choice.

3. Adaptive V/S Responsive Design

Adaptive V/S Responsive Design - BlogAdda Collective

We just discussed the key points to know while choosing a WordPress theme. A responsive theme is mobile friendly. Second screens are the new frontier when it comes to blogging. So your brand’s presence on desktop screen is not enough. Know what is adaptive and responsive design and make your choice according to what suits your needs best.

4. Shortcuts for Blogging Post Editor

Shortcuts for Blogging Post - BlogAdda Collective

Writing a post for your blog is a complex process. From links and images to videos, formatting and more, you have to constantly juggle between all the tasks and ensure that the end result is perfect. Knowing some cool shortcuts on your keyboard will not only speed up your typing but help you get most of your editing work done in an efficient manner. These shortcuts are a great hack to smart typing.  

5. 5 Web Hosting Myths Debunked

5 Web Hosting Myths Debunked - BlogAdda Collective

Blogging is not just good content, there are a lot of technicalities involved as well. Hosting is one of those. It is complex and even established webmasters find themselves tricked. From self hosting your blog to understanding the bandwidth to downtime and more, these concepts are difficult to grasp but essential when it comes to having a smooth blogging career. Rid yourself of these myths and get on to the right path when it comes to web hosting.

6. Online Watermark Tools

Online Watermark Tools - BlogAdda Collective

Intellectual Property Rights may be a grey area, but someone passing off your work as their own is enough to rile anyone. When it comes to photos, watermarking tools are your best bet. They are of great help when you want to ensure that no one else takes credit for your painstakingly clicked or created images. Your creations are precious and you obviously do not want that effort to get copied and used for free by others. Learn about some watermark tools that will help you own your work.

7. Twitter Marketing Basics

Twitter and Facebook have changed the way we communicate and connect in our everyday life. The same mechanics apply when you want to connect with people through your blog, brand or business. Creating your presence on Twitter today is imperative as Twitter is a huge source of information and real time updates in every field. Here are the Twitter marketing basics to help your blog reach a massive audience.

8. Protect Your WordPress Site from Being Hacked

Protect Your WordPress Site from Being Hacked - BlogAdda Collective

In the world of technology one cannot guarantee security at each and every step but you can surely work smart and take cautious steps to protect your identity and data in the virtual world. A lot of bloggers use WordPress as it is one of the best and most convenient content management systems. But its popularity also attracts hackers from all corners. Here is how you can save yourself and save your blog from anyone with malicious intent.

9. Link Building Mistakes

Link Building Mistakes - BlogAdda Collective

When we are talking about blogging, link building is a mandatory topic. It is a great way to increase a loyal audience base through search engines. Backlinks are helpful in getting original traffic, improving your blog rank and in making search engines your allies. While you may already be link building as a part of your promotion strategy, we want you to take a look at these mistakes that you might be making in the process.

10. Blogging Mistakes to Avoid

Blogging Mistakes to Avoid - BlogAdda Collective

Lastly, let’s brush up our basics in blogging. Whether new or experienced, every blogger needs to be aware of the mistakes they can possible make. You might be putting an image in the wrong place or missing out on an important keyword in your SEO. As we evolve, so do our mistakes and here are the ones you can easily avoid.

Tell us how did you find this 2 part series that was meant to make you a better, more proficient blogger. If you wish to know about any specific blogging topic, tell us in the comments section below and we’ll discuss it. Till then keep learning and blogging!

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