Tangy Tuesday Picks – January 26, 2016

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Wish you all a very Happy Republic Day 2016! Today we celebrate our Constitution, the very foundation of our Indianness. We salute our great nation, the world’s biggest democracy and pledge to work for our motherland’s progress in our own way. This Republic Day, pledge to become a published author with BlogAdda’s Bloggers To Authors Program

  • WhoDr.Nidhi Joshi
  • What“Add it small here to lose it big there”
  • Tangy: Most women pride themselves on taking care of everyone around them. Be it their family, friends, job, and in some cases, distant relatives too! In all this taking-care business, the only losing party is the woman herself! They neglect their own health, and when they fall ill, they bemoan the fact that they can no longer take care of their work! Ladies, it’s time to take charge of your own health. Start small, and see the difference.

  • WhoGitanjali Banerjee
  • What“Rishikesh and Reflections”
  • Tangy: Rishikesh. The name of the place is enough to draw us deep into its mystic beauty and simplicity. A holy city that is visited by Hindus for religious harmony is also a way for travelers to connect deep within themselves and elevate the inner consciousness for the better. The people of this ancient, beautiful place are also as fascinating as the history of it. Gitanjali shares her experience.

  • WhoReema Dsouza
  • What“A beginning, not an end”
  • Tangy: All of us love success, but not everyone loves the process of constant failure and disappointment that precedes success. We’re sure that everyone has gone through this experience. If you’re living this experience right now, Reema’s blog post will help you realize that this too, shall pass.

  • WhoRashmi Raj
  • What: “Dear Phone, Please give me my Dad back.”
  • Tangy: People nowadays experience the world through their smartphones. We end up missing most of what nature, and our surroundings have to offer because we’re too busy peering into our phones. This habit is worse when we have children, who observe that mommy or daddy’s smartphone is more important than everything around them, even the kids themselves!

  • WhoVaisakhi
  • What: “Oman – An Arabian Wonderland”
  • Tangy: There is a place in the Middle East that is a beautiful travel destination for many for its natural beauty. We are talking about Oman, a hub of traditionally rich culture and diversity that will leave permanent imprints on a traveler’s mind. Vaisakhi tells us why you can skip the more commercial and crowded places in the Middle East and head straight towards Oman.

  • WhoPradeep P
  • What“Railway Diaries”
  • Tangy: As Indians, our chests swell with pride when we see our soldiers march during the Republic Day Parade. In this proud moment, take a moment to think if our soldiers are given the same respect and privileges that they deserve on the other days of the year. Pradeep’s post will give you a reality check and make you think about what can be done to improve the lives of the brave hearts who risk their lives to keep us safe and free.

  • WhoAnand Vaishampayan
  • What“25 Amazing Air Travel Tips”
  • Tangy: Air travel is definitely more expensive than the other modes of travel, but still we choose it most of the time because of its speed and convenience. We also go through some inconvenience of air travel just to reach our destination faster. This doesn’t have to be the case. If you’re planning to fly somewhere for the holiday (or any of the upcoming long weekends), use these air travel tips to ensure that you get the best deal and a great travel experience.

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