Spicy Saturday Picks – January 16, 2016

Spicy Saturday

The weekend is back and so are we with awesome things for our bloggers. Launch your career as an author this weekend by signing up for the Bloggers To Authors Program. Our WOW prompt for the week is ‘The Muse’. Tell us your thoughts on the prompt with a creative blog post that talks about the inspiration in your life. Now scroll down to read the best Indian blog posts this week.

        • WhoAchala Upendran
        • What“To be told stories”
        • Spicy: “Turn to page 394”. For some people, this line may be quite random, but Harry Potter fans will remember this line, delivered perfectly by Alan Rickman. The death of Alan Rickman has left a horrible void in the Harry Potter and the acting world. This blogger pays a tribute to the late actor with a baritone, and shows that true fans will remember him, always.

        • WhoRatnakar Sadasyula
        • What: “Sankranti”
        • Spicy: Makar Sankranti marks the start of harvest season and is one of the most prominent festivals in India. It is celebrated with great fervour in the Telugu community. We see the happiness of harvest in the rural regions and the joy of kite flying everywhere. Ratnakar gives us a detailed account on the festival and what it means, at just the right time.

        • WhoAnuradha Goyal
        • What“Gulmarg Gondola Ride & Beyond”
        • Spicy: Gulmarg is called the ‘Switzerland of India’, and it deserves the name. Known to be India’s skiing destination, the place is filled with natural and picturesque landscapes. The best part about the place is that it has a different look in every changing season. Anuradha gives us a lowdown on all things to do in Gulmarg.

        • WhoSonali Mohapatra
        • What“Opportunity and Me.”
        • Spicy: Advice is easy to find and difficult to get rid of. A lot of people have their own opinion as to how you should live your life, what you should do and what should you not. Stay calm, stay composed, be careful, be responsible to name a few from them. But does abiding to all of that give each one of us a successful life? Sonali answers this in her poetic tone.

        • WhoDebidatta Dwibedi
        • What“Zeno’s Paradox”
        • Spicy: The story of Tortoise and Achilles is a popular one that amazes the thought processes of many. Some are also found to have contradictory opinions on the story and claim it is fairly impossible for the Tortoise to win. Debidatta however sees the story from another angle and tries to decode the age old paradox.

        • WhoKala Ravi
        • What“Are You Being Entertained?”
        • Spicy: We watch TV to be entertained, bur wouldn’t it be great if the entertainment didn’t come at the cost of killing your brain cells? This blogger feels that the content on Indian TV leaves a lot to be desired, especially if compared to its Western counterparts. Read her take and tell us – are you really being entertained or do you consume Indian TV shows because you have no choice?

        • WhoAmitesh Kumar
        • What“Nuclear Friction – Are We Moving Towards Nuclear Doomsday?”
        • Spicy: For a nation to gauge its nuclear development projects and power is very important. North Korea recently tested the H-Bomb or the Hydrogen bomb successfully. This one is the 4th one in last four years and was not well received by other countries like China, S.Korea, Japan and U.S. Amitesh tells us why the people in Korea should not be rejoicing.

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