Spicy Saturday Picks – November 28, 2015

Spicy Saturday

The weekend is back and so is all the fun from BlogAdda. Last two days left to participate in the #SoftestForBabySkin contest and win vouchers worth Rs. 2500. Hurry and blog before 30th November. Spend the weekend thinking and writing about ‘A Sunday Treat’ – our WOW creative writing prompt for the week. Now time to read the refreshing weekend blogs that we perfectly brewed for you.

        • WhoPradeep P
        • What“Patriotism Redefined !! Check where you stand.”
        • Spicy: Was India and patriotism ever in talk the way it is presently in? Was media so important before? Were politicians, celebrities and national awardees so shaken by national issues the way they are now? Yes! It might be the case but it is time we ponder and reach out to the real idea of India instead of wasting all the energies that turn into nothing but a drama. Pradeep evaluates the spirit of patriotism amidst the intolerance debates.

        • WhoSayesha
        • What“About Time”
        • Spicy:  We are running by its orders and it can make us dance to its tunes. That is time. Are you having enough of it? Are you doing enough in your life with all the time you have and manage? Some would have a YES in the bag while others a NO. Have you heard the phrase ‘everything is possible’? Well here is Sayesha who tells us it is all for real and you can achieve everything you desire.

        • WhoArvind Passey
        • What“To spit or not to spit”
        • Spicy: The intolerance debate seems to be taking over everyone. People from all corners of the country and all walks of life have something to share about the rising intolerance. But words are important and have a lot of power. Can there be a united voice to make an impact. Arvind shares with us some very important words.

        • Who: Atanu Dey
        • What“Constitution, Government, Economy – Part 1”
        • Spicy: The fundamentals of a country tend to put us in a state of fugue state making all the generations around accelerate in debates and analysis. The current state where our economy, constitution and government is requires many to understand the simplicity in these complex terms. Antanu make our lives simpler.

        • WhoManiparna Sengupta Majumder
        • What“YES ME, LAZY ME!”
        • Spicy: Days that seem contented and some evenings that sink you in. One can just get lost in the beauty of nature amidst the setting sun and hum tunes of the happenings of life. Maniparna had a cup of coffee and she didn’t quite have to search for conversations as she gazed out of the window talking to evening hues.

        • WhoTony Tharakan
        • What“Fiction – Coffee Break”
        • Spicy:Normalcy is an illusion. It can surprise you with incidents and situations that can give memories of a lifetime. Not to forget strangers are people who we don’t know. But they are people as normal to who we are. But there is something about unknown that pricks us and annoys us.

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