Tangy Tuesday Picks – December 1, 2015

Tangy TuesdaysThe week is back and so are we with all the tanginess for the day. Tamasha has released and we want to know if you’ve watched it. Tell us views in the comments below. You can also talk about the feel that you get about Bajirao Mastani.  Here are the Indian Bloggers who will make your day with their blog posts.

  • Who: Maliny Mohan
  • What“First Post On A Fresh Spot”
  • Tangy: She has moved on to a new place virtually. She loves writing and has made a great start on this new platform. Find out why Ananya lost her grip on the maths table, why her mommy dearest is anger, how Pinku is always with Ananya to hear the deepest state of her heart and much more as Maliny shares with us her 1st story of her blog.

  • WhoAishwarya Mohan Gahrana
  • What“अन्नकूट २०१५”
  • Tangy: Ankut is an event as important as a festival like Diwali for this blogger in Aligarh. It is a treat where 108 ingredients are used to prepare vegetables. Ever year this blogger tries to reach the figure 108 and this year he has made it. Here is a post that talks about how he went on with Ankut right from making the list to shopping and arranging in a day’s time. It is a grand affair.

  • WhoGeetika Gupta
  • What“The Valiance Soul”
  • Tangy: The growing years are sometimes the testing times. What you hear from the outside world, what you see in the real world and what you hear from within can contradict each other at extreme levels making it difficult for you to know what the truth actually is. for this blogger, she found some wise words in books and then the wisdom in her actions.

  • WhoJasmeet Singh
  • What“What does return of Lalu mean for Bihar?”
  • Tangy: Can we club entertainment and politics? Well No because they are different. The recent Bihar elections win has stirred some serious questions over the qualifications of Lalu’s sons and the directly proportional development question in Bihar. Is there a predictable direction for people to gauge the way ahead? Find out with Jasmeet.

  • WhoSiddhartha Joshi
  • What: “Peruru – A Heritage Village In Coastal Andhra Pradesh” 
  • Tangy: Explore with Siddharta, Peruru, a beautiful village in Andhra Pradesh. He takes us through the history, significance and the culture of the place and the people. He talks about how in olden days people took initiatives to preserve the heritage and till date the views of the people are simple and surrounded to protecting the unity and diversity with no discrimination of people anywhere.

  • WhoSuranga Date
  • What“God’s Own …….”
  • Tangy: Places have their own personalities. There is an essence that binds you to it, especially is it is your native or a place where you’ve grown up and visit often in the later years of life. This blogger visits god’s own country after over 3 decades. This is what would make anyone go back in time and mentally read all the changes, evolution and memories of time. She was no exception. From some pleasant surprises to the culture that din’t change over these years, find out with Suranga about her trip to Kerala.

  • WhoPixie
  • What“Why I should just write and what made me smile today”
  • Tangy: You are a blogger and it is a given you are fond of writing, be it as a profession or just merely to express your thoughts. But it is important to know what writing as a verb does to you. What writing as an activity impacts you. It is a beautiful way to let your mind out and let your heart express. Pixie tells us all that she has realized about her relation with writing.

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