Tangy Tuesday Picks – November 24, 2015

Tangy TuesdaysWe are back after a rainy weekend here in Mumbai, so the start of this week was cool. The weather at BlogAdda is no less entertaining and engaging either. Participate in #SoftestForBabySkin activity, blog and tell us 5 ways in which one can keep the baby’s skin soft and you can take home vouchers worth Rs. 2500. Tech bloggers, take up a review of  the 360 Security Lite app and get an assured voucher worth Rs. 1500. That’s not all. Below are some fresh blog posts to keep you going on this weekday on a refreshing note. 

  • Who: Nabanita
  • What“The First Real Moment When I Became A Mother”
  • Tangy: Women are emotional beings, the heart of the family and the anchor that maintains togetherness. Women might be called sensitive, but it is this sensitivity that allows them to experience the best emotions, like the nurturing emotion that takes over when they become mothers. This blogger brought another ‘she’ in this world and writes about when exactly she felt like a mother.

  • WhoChristopher R DSouza
  • Tangy: India is mostly a tolerant country, but nowadays there are just too many opinions about what the general public can and cannot watch. The recent cuts that some intimate scenes in the latest Bond movie Spectre received sparked a wave of #SanskaariBond tweets. The CBFC might have given a clarification about the matter, but that didn’t stop this blogger from writing this satirical piece.

  • WhoNarmadha
  • Tangy: The Indian obsession with fairer skin is evident in the sheer number of fairness creams being sold through ads and on billboards. While most people want to get rid of their beautiful and natural Indian skin tone by every means possible, Narmadha is proud to flaunt her healthy skin tone, and thinks that this skin tone has some amazing benefits!

  • WhoSoumya Nambiar
  • What“Across America’s Heartland by Train”
  • Tangy: Travelling is fun and rare is a soul who will say a no to it. It is a great way to discover the yourself and our and diverse planet. Some of us like to plan our trips while some are ready to take off at any given moment. Whichever category you belong to, Soumya’s trip is worth noting for all travel lovers. A train journey in US is a must she says.

  • WhoSaswati Bhoi
  • What: “10 Simple Tips To Take Great Digital Photographs Instinctively”
  • Tangy: If you believe in enjoying and exploring life in each moment, photography is something you should take up. The art captures the fine moments of life and lets you live them forever. You might be an amateur or a skilled photographer, but you will always be unique and different with your photography, because everyone looks for different things in a photograph. It is time you learn these simple tips to learn how to take perfect pictures instinctively.

  • Who: Roxanne
  • What: “How The Tiny Taster Spent Her Time In Kolkata”
  • Tangy: Getting to know your native place, people and culture can be an amazing trip down the history and past. This trip gets all the more exciting when it is festival time and the time comes alive in all its glory. We crossed Durga Pujo some time back and this blogger had a chance to catch up the vibe of real Bengal exactly at that time. Find out a very real account of two days spent in the City of Joy.

  • What“Terrorism has little economic impact”
  • Tangy: Terrorism is seen as a human as well as an economic crime, as it is assumed that business in terror-affected places will be crippled. This blog post explains why terrorism doesn’t have as big an impact on the economics of a place as previously thought, because of various factors.

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