Spicy Saturday Picks – November 21, 2015

Spicy Saturday

The weekend is upon us and we’re shedding our responsibilities and getting ready to dive into Sunday. Before you do that, participate in the Pampers #SoftestForBabySkin activity and get assured hampers! Tech bloggers, register for the #MadeForIndia activity to review the 360 Security Lite app. And if you feel bad about the state of the world, give your feelings an outlet by #BloggingForPeace at BlogAdda. If you’re feeling particularly creative, do take a look at our WOW prompt!

Now time for some weekend blog reads.

        • Who: Shivya Nath
        • What“Awe-Inspiring Hideouts in Uttarakhand”
        • Spicy: Whether we’re going to a cafe for a casual coffee date or in an airport waiting to catch a flight, the first thing we look for is WiFi. Why do we find it so hard to disconnect and just enjoy our surroundings? This weekend, we have just the post to inspire you to take off to Uttarakhand and stay at these beautiful hideouts which will make you forget your gadgets in a jiffy.

        • Who: Sunil Tinani
        • What: “Baba Ramdev Patanjali vs Maggi Noodles: Hidden Secrets and Truths”
        • Spicy: Noodles have ceased being just a snack and started getting tangled in knots of confusion, politics and health regulations. With Ramdev Baba’s Patanjali company entering the instant noodle market with claims of a healthy snack, this blogger decides to find out the truth behind the story.

        • WhoJai Arjun Singh
        • What“On movie servants, then and now”
        • Spicy: Servants or house help in Indian movie have always followed the ‘Ramu Kaka’ format, be it the servant in Sholay or the well meaning servant cleaning up after a drunk Amitabh Bachchan in Mili. The recent film Talvar has put the spotlight back on servants and their myriad types, which have the potential to be fleshed out characters in movies.

        • Who: “Kushal Walia”
        • What“The Cursed Ghosts Of Bhangarh Fort”
        • Spicy: Most of us shy away from haunted places, or even watching horror movies, for fear of being petrified beyond our limits. If you are one of those people who love chasing adrenaline, the haunted Bhangarh Fort might just be the place for you. Located in Rajasthan, this fort is open only during day time, and the legends associated with it are enough to give you chills even in day time.

        • Who“Alexa Anghel”
        • What“The Introvert & Networking – A Cat and Dog Relationship?”
        • Spicy: It is said that more than your skills, it is your ability to network that defines how far you will progress in your career. That sounds like bad news for introverts who would like nothing better than to avoid social interaction, especially something as nerve wracking as an interview. Well, here are some tips that will help an introvert get social and make a good impression on the people that matter.

        • Who“Soumya Nambiar”
        • What“21 Tips for setting up your own Travel Blog Site: New Bloggers”
        • Spicy: Being a travel blogger seems like such a fantasy, right? Travelling to exotic places, then penning down your thoughts on it, and even getting invited to trips! Yes it’s all very good but there is more, much more that goes into running a successful travel blog. Read these tips by Soumya if you’re planning on joining the tribe of travel bloggers any time soon.

        • Who“Sakshi Nanda”
        • What“What does one write about, this morning?”
        • Spicy: Blogging is all about creative expression which needs to spring from a certain idea, a certain concept. What happens when you wish to write but there’s nothing to write about? You call it writer’s block. Or you can go the Sakshi Nanda way and find a solution for this dilemma in a very creative way.

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