Tangy Tuesday Picks – November 17, 2015

Tangy Tuesdays We hope you had a memorable Diwali 2015. We surely did. It is time to get back to what we love doing the most – BLOGGING. Blog for the #SoftestForBabySkin activity and you can win vouchers worth Rs. 2500. Review the 360 Security Lite, a mobile security app that helps you improve the performance of your phone for #MadeForIndia a tech blogger exclusive contest. Show your presence at SMW Mumbai from 16 – 20th November if you are looking to upgrade your current knowledge of digital news, events, updates and information. Now it’s time to read our weekly blogs, curated just for you.

  • Who“Amruta”
  • What“For the child in us…”
  • Tangy: It was Children’s Day on November 14. The day is dedicated to children, and it is spent pampering them, appreciating them and generally making them feel special. While the spotlight is on children, there is no harm in indulging the child in all of us. If you do it, you will be thanked by the adult version of you who is tired of shouldering responsibilities all the time.

  • WhoSonali Mohapatra
  • What“Paris”
  • Tangy: The recent attacks on Paris have shaken the human community all over the world. It has filled us with emotions like grief, hate, social insecurity, religious intolerance etc. The event pinches us to the core in spite of not witnessing it with our own eyes. Sonali talks about the chill that went down her spine after getting to know about the horrific incident. She tells us how we all are still connected with a feeling of mutual bond of brotherhood and sisterhood in the face of terror.

  • WhoRachna Parmar
  • Tangy: We don’t mean to be cynical, but social media has taken over our world like never before. All our experiences, good or bad, end up being shared on social media for scrutiny. While the likes, comments and chats give us a thrill and a feeling of being connected, it would still be a stretch to call all the people in your Facebook or Twitter list your friends.

  • WhoGitanjali Banerjee
  • What“13 Diwali Like Festivals Celebrated Across The World”
  • Tangy: That Indians love to celebrate is a known fact. Be it Diwali, Christmas, Eid or even Halloween, there is no other country that can show the same enthusiasm for festivals all year round. We just bid goodbye to the Festival of Lights and here is Gitanjali who opens up our eyes to not one or two but 13 more festivals through out the world that are just celebrated like Diwali. Wish to add them to your festival calendar?

  • WhoTrak
  • What: “How Social Media Addiction is Affecting Our Life Style?”
  • Tangy: If you ask someone why they have social media accounts, the most probable reply would be ‘To keep in touch with my loved ones’. How ironic is it then, that this very social media is responsible for making us more introverted and isolated? You might find solace in an online conversation, but the statistics related to loneliness and boredom associated with Social Media are startling.

  • WhoSiddhartha Joshi
  • What“Pootharekulu – The Exquisite Paper Sweet From Coastal Andhra Pradesh”
  • Tangy: Paper, rice and sweet, all these words create the same level of curiosity and mystery when they appear together. What is it? Well, that is a sweet from the state of Andhra Pradesh. A local delicacy, there are few women who know the art of making this sweet and are seen making it in remote village areas. Siddhartha Joshi discovers the beauty and simplicity of this ‘paper sweet’.

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