Winner Announcement: LG NEXUS 5X #ChampIsBack activity

New smartphones inspire a lot of excitement, curiosity and desire. But when the phone is as amazing as the LG NEXUS 5X, it also inspires creativity! This was evident in the #ChampIsBack activity, where bloggers were asked to use 3 features of the LG NEXUS 5X in the most creative way possible. Your creativity thus spurred, the activity saw some very creative blog posts that did complete justice to the theme. And now it’s time to announce who did this in the most impressive way!


The winner of the #ChampIsBack activity, who wins a brand new LG NEXUS 5X smartphone is:

Saba Ladha for her blog post My LG NEXUS 5X a life saver!

Congratulations Saba! We hope you enjoy using the unique features of the LG NEXUS 5X that you blogged so wonderfully about!  🙂

6 Replies to “Winner Announcement: LG NEXUS 5X #ChampIsBack activity”

  1. What ‘swingsofmind’ said. Also if you could send over the assured vouchers for Colgate Maxfresh phase 2 activity. It would be great. It’s been more than a month since you announced the results.

  2. @Saba – Congratulations once again!
    @Swingsofmind – The vouchers for this activity will be sent to you before 5th of December.
    @Thousif – As promised in the mail you will be hearing from us on the vouchers this week. 🙂

  3. Did anyone get the voucher for this activity? Team BlogAdda may like to clear the air by announcing the 70 entries eligible for voucher.

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