Winner Announcement: Bed Bath More Paint Me Wild activity

First and foremost, a big Thank You to all you houseproud bloggers for making the Paint Me Wild activity in association with Bed Bath More a huge success! We loved the love and attention to detail with which you selected themes for your dream house that reflected your personality and dreams. We are all the more excited to see you paint your home. Now the time has come to announce the 20 bloggers who have aced the Paint Me Wild activity!

Winner Announcement: Paint Me Wild Activity

  1. Roshan R
  2. Sunita Rajwade
  3. Sarthak Brahma
  4. Heena Shah-Dhedhi
  5. Oindrila De
  6. Suman Deb Ray
  7. Jhilmil D Saha
  8. Krithika S
  9. Roma Gupta Sinha
  10. Shalini Digvijay
  11. Tennyson Thomas
  12. Sri Ramani
  13. Sweta Biswal
  14. Archana Vaidyanathan
  15. Sushmita Malakar
  16. Yogita Joshi
  17. Judy Morris
  18. Shaivi Sharma
  19. Aseem Rastogi
  20. Kunal Chheda

Congratulations to all the winners! Hope you will enjoy your vouchers, which will be on their way to you shortly!  🙂

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