Winner Announcement: #SniffSniff My Nose Knows

Love can happen at first sight, but first impressions happen at first Sniff! BlogAdda announced the ‘My Nose Knows’ activity and you went #SniffSniff to write your very own odour story! Now that we know what impact odour has on you, it is time for winner announcement #SniffSniff ‘My Nose Knows’ activity.


The 30 best blog posts have been sniffed out and here are the names! These sharp nosed bloggers win vouchers worth Rs. 1000 each.
  1. Anurup Samanta
  2. Partha Sadhukhan
  3. Amit prakash
  4. Prince Patni
  5. Aditya Manchanda
  6. Aseem Rastogi
  7. Sanjay Thampy
  8. Rachit Sharma
  9. Cifar Shayar
  10. Jaideep Khanduja
  11. Muthusamy
  12. Sarthak Brahma
  13. John Corlos
  14. Amar Naik
  15. Pravin Chavre
  16. Thangaprakash Sengodan
  17. Richard Fernandes
  18. Awanish Kumar Dwivedi
  19. Kunal Chheda
  20. Piyush Bhatnagar
  21. Amit Kumar
  22. Prashant Karkera
  23. Stephen Ak
  24. Tejas Shah
  25. Alok Seth
  26. Anand Kumar
  27. Abraham G. Nelson
  28. Sarath Babu S
  29. Rahul Kumar
  30. Gowrav Shenoy

Congratulations to all the winners and their deserving noses. We hope you enjoy the vouchers that we’ll send you shortly!

Nose-y business done, we have something for your feet too. Participate in the #MaxFreshMove contest, shoot a video of you dancing on the Taazgi Ka Dhamaka track and you can take home vouchers worth thousands of rupees. Dance and win? It doesn’t get better than this so get grooving NOW!


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