Winner Announcement: JSW #WillOfSteel activity

The world has no dearth of people who can be called miracles. Recognizing achievers and honouring them is just as important as making a difference to the lives of others. The participants of the #WillOfSteel did their bit in getting recognition for achievers through their blog posts and brought them to the notice of thousands of people. Thank you for that.


As we had said, one good turn deserves another. So it is time forย the winner announcement JSW #WillOfSteel activity. Here are the bloggers who have won vouchers worth Rs. 1000 each.

  1. Felizry
  2. Tennyson Thomas
  3. Amar Naik
  4. Anu PatGhanig
  5. Sunaina Sharma
  6. Sanjay Thampy
  7. Amreen B. Shaikh
  8. Shivani Shourie
  9. Ghata Singhal
  10. Bindu C
  11. Deepika
  12. Cynthia R Manchekar
  13. Sri Ramani
  14. Issac Thomas
  15. Roshan R
  16. Katie Nathan
  17. Depanjan Chowdhury
  18. Shwetabh Mathur
  19. Binu Thomas
  20. Shashi Bala
  21. Alok Singhal
  22. Garima Jain
  23. Sayantan Chatterjee
  24. Anupam Joseph
  25. Radhika Maheshwari
  26. Manisha Awasthi
  27. Archana Kapoor
  28. Kunal Chheda
  29. Nachi
  30. Jhilmil D Saha

Congratulations to the winners of JSW #WillOfSteel activity. The vouchers will be on their way soon. Thank you to all the participants who made this activity a great success!

There is more at BlogAdda before you exit from here. Participate in the #MaxFreshMove contest, shoot a video of you dancing on the Taazgi Ka Dhamaka track and you can take home vouchers worth thousands of rupees. Dance and win? It doesn’t get better than this so get grooving NOW!



10 Replies to “Winner Announcement: JSW #WillOfSteel activity”

  1. It’s has been so long. I had forgotten that there were any vouchers promised for the winners. Came as a surprise, wasn’t expecting. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I was just about to leave a complain note… when i saw the
    winner list finally announced and I managed to get a
    voucher indeed pacified me.. Thanks BA

  3. Thanks for choosing me as a winner Blogadda Team. I thoroughly enjoyed blogging for this purposeful activity.


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