Spicy Saturday Picks – May 30, 2015

Spicy SaturdayMale bloggers of Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore, put this weekend to good use by registering yourself for the #SniffSniff activity and bringing mystery and thrill to your doorstep. Mumbai bloggers, we have the Reliance Retirement Fund meet organized for you on 6th June, so register at the earliest to attend this fun event. This week, we also let bloggers be a part of life at BlogAdda, so if you missed reading it, click here to read it. And then reward yourself for a job well done by reading some of the best blog posts by Indian bloggers this week.

        • Who: Bishwanath Ghosh
        • What: “Why A Writer Must Take Notes”
        • Spicy: A writer, at any given point of time, has a thousand things running through his or her mind. Some of them might be confident that they will remember all, or at least most of their thoughts when the time comes, but the brain can be a tricky piece of work, resembling a sponge at one time and a sieve at other times. Hence this post about why a writer must always take notes.

        • Who: Priyanka Victor
        • What: “Don’t Date a Girl….”
        • Spicy: Recently there was a spate of articles on the Internet which advised people not to date a girl who does a particular thing like being an artist or belongs to a particular community. This blog post treads on the same path, but read it only if you can read between the lines.

        • Who: Ruhi Seth
        • What: “The Do’s And Don’t s Of Wearing A Crop Top”
        • Spicy: Ladies, this one’s for you. Summer is showing no signs of ending, and crop tops seem like a girl’s best bet to get some respite from the heat. If done wrong though, they can end up looking not-so-flattering, so here’s how to get the trend right.

        • Who: Madhuli
        • What: “The Misal Pav burger!”
        • Spicy: Most of us salivate at the thought of burgers, and at the same time, shudder because they are not the healthiest things on the food chart. I guess we were hungry when we came across this blog post, because this marriage of the desi misal pav and the pardesi burger got us drooling like there’s no tomorrow. One more vote in favour of globalization!

        • Who: Laura Heart
        • What: “7 Reasons Why Businesses Should Care About Social Media in 2015”
        • Spicy: It is past the time when we say social media is an emerging marketing tool, because for all intents and purposes, it is already a major market influencer. Read this blog post about why businesses should think beyond than just putting up a status on Facebook or Twitter.

        • Who: Abhishek Khanna
        • What: “Internship Diaries”
        • Spicy: Completing your MBA may seem like a huge achievement in itself, but the truth remains that it is just the first step to making it in the corporate world . The skills that you learn during your internship might be more useful to you than the ones you learn in the classroom. Take a look at this blog post which talks about how to land that internship.

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