A Day In the Life Of BlogAdda

Wake up. Get Ready. Travel in style (not!) to your office. Work for ~8 hours. Go back home. This is the schedule that most people who work for a living follow. But for Team BlogAdda, working hours don’t just transport us to office, they take us to another dimension altogether. It’s a world of interacting with bloggers, curating their blogs, addressing their issues, dreaming up activities for bloggers and then coming back to Earth and actually executing them.



On normal days, you’ll find us trawling through the blogs of the many, many bloggers that are part of the BlogAdda family to feature them in our weekly editions. Then we move on to planning activities, both online and offline, that we think will delight bloggers and inspire them to hit the keyboard with gusto.

Sorry to regress into cliches, but the BlogAdda office really is a well oiled machine where every cog is as important as the next to ensure that work gets done.

There is the Sales and Finance team that takes care of our bread and butter, we mean, does a great job of dealing with potential partners for blogger outreach programs.  We have the tech team which keeps the site running, creates new destinations for every new campaign and maintains the all-important blogger profiles. We shudder to imagine what would happen if this team stopped working.

We have Campaign Wizards who come up with super-innovative themes for you to blog about in every activity, treading the thin line between practicality and innovation. The secret to their creativity? For every approved theme, at least 5 themes see the inside of the dustbin. Didn’t we tell you they worked really hard?

The Content team is the noisiest, with the constant sound of the keyboard keys being pounded disturbing the whole office and forcing them to plug in their earphones a little deeper into their ears. The content person’s worst nightmare? The mug in front of them being empty. Gasp! It has to constantly be replenished with tea, coffee or green tea to keep the content flowing from fingers. À la ‘Jab tak tere pair chalenge, tab tak iski saansen chalengi‘.

Here we go. This is how we work @blogadda office. Speedy speedy! #framelapse #hyperlapse #officetime #office

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All in all, the BlogAdda office is more like the Avengers headquarters, powered with the superpowers of honesty, sarcasm, efficiency, a genuine belief in what we do, sharing and stealing lunches and incessant giggling. Fueled by endless cups of tea and coffee of course.

The evenings get a little longer than expected and after office plans have to be sacrificed sometimes, but the one thing that is constant is the satisfaction of a job well done at the end of every day. What do we get in return? Some good words of praise from bloggers (keep it coming!), smiley faces, superb blog posts to read and the joy of bloggers getting their due.

It’s a good life.

We are looking for more superheroes to join the mission, so if you think you are up for the challenge, apply for the following positions at BlogAdda (Location: Mumbai) by sending your applications to careers@blogadda.com with the relevant title in your subject line.

  1. Account Manager
  2. Sr Web Developer
  3. Content writer (0 – 2) years experience
  4. Social Media Specialist (2 – 5 years experience)

Remember, the moment you are selected, you will become an Avenger, we mean BlogAdda hero. There is no going back, and only the worthy will be able to bear the mantle of being a part of India’s biggest blogging community. Choose well.
This is the fun that we had while working for #WIN15.



11 Replies to “A Day In the Life Of BlogAdda”

  1. After reading this post, my respect for the whole BlogAdda team has enhanced further. U give us, the bloggers, opportinities to explore our creativity. Very very happy with u avengers. God bless and keep rocking BlogAdda.

  2. We did get to meet Blog Adda team in Chennai at the Nioxin Now in India launch and got to know and understand a bit about the working of Blog Adda. This post says it all. We understand the efforts that go in to keep such a network running smooth. If not for the dedication and passion for what you do, a post that spills so much optimism is almost impossible.

    Kudos and Keep up the Good work. Proud to be associated with you Blog Adda Team.


  3. Hey Team BlogAdda,

    You all are absolutely amazing and believe me, its your enthusiasm and encouragement that makes bloggers like me give it our best with gusto.

    Whenever I have got an opportunity to have met you guys (that includes majorly gals) in amd during any of the events and activities that i had been fortunate to be part of, I have had always been in awe of your energy and dedication to see that we bloggers are kept amused to the end of our wits.

    I would be candid enough to admit that the blogger in me has been nurtured to a large extent by BlogAdda and you wonderful people out there.

    I am sure you would get more such dedicated and wonderful people like you I’m your recruitment campaign.

    You can count on me and my daughter, Clementia, bloggers by heart, and ardent fans of you amazing people at BlogAdda for any support.

    Wishing you all the best and keep logging to make us keep blogging.

  4. I am glad I have had a peek in your world… (A visit to your office)
    Also its super fun to have been associated with your brand for long now.
    Your activities definitely inspire and encourage us to take blogging to the next level.

  5. Great to read about what exactly goes behind the scenes. You guys are awesome and although I missed out on a number of activities let me tell you that all of them were absolutely fantastic. Keep the creative juices flowing and may the force be with you – in the form of more superheroes!

  6. I wish you guys had ofc in delhi. Would have loved to be part of your team, though technically I am because I am a blogger

  7. The best hiring pitch I have come across till date in my 12+ years of executive search experience! Good job guys! Blogadda is definitely ‘The oasis’ for those who are passionate about work, growth, learning and FUN!!! Wish you guys a very successful and happy hiring..

  8. It is great to know about the superheros working their eyes out to give us a great platform to showcase our love for blogging. Congratulations for good work done till now and good luck for many more such in future.

  9. Thank you everyone for your kind words. If you know anyone who can fit in the profiles above, we will appreciate if you do ask him/her to mail us at careers@blogadda.com.

    Thank you once again.

  10. Hi Blogadda team, the work you all guys did was so amazing! This was my first blogadda meet-up & what a better way for me to start it with #win15 You guys really encourage blogger space in India, to take it to the next level. keep more such stuff coming!

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