Tangy Tuesday Picks – May 26, 2015

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  • Who: Debolina Coomar
  • What: “Forever Yours – Not Just a Love Story!”
  • Tangy: ‘Forever’ has different meanings for different people, and the word is used liberally to stress the fact that we’ll love someone for a long time. Read this short story to know one more facet of the word ‘Forever’, with a twist.

  • Who: Tushar Kumar Singh
  • What: “The tamed third pillar of the world’s largest democracy”
  • Tangy: The judiciary and the press are supposed to be two of the pillars that uphold democracy, and these institutions get more importance in the world’s largest democracy, India. This importance is looking more like an illusion nowadays with the rich and powerful going scot free after being accused of serious crimes. A blogger talks about the disillusionment that he faces with the justice system in India.

  • Who: Mohul Ghosh
  • What: “Internet Browsing Habits Among Indian Children Are Worrisome & Alarming!”
  • Tangy: Look around today and you’ll see not only adults, but kids and teenagers also peering into their smartphone screens, oblivious to the world around them. Parents may try their best to control or monitor the sites that their kid is accessing, but having 100% control is next to impossible. The stats related to Internet browsing habits in kids present a worrisome picture.

  • Who: Preeti Garg
  • What: “Why You Should Eat Every 2 Hours!”
  • Tangy: There are diets that claim to help you lose weight and some tips and tricks to help you say bye bye to the stubborn inches around your waist. The most sensible advice in this clutter of diets is to eat every 2 hours to keep your metabolism in top shape. Not convinced? Read this blog post about the benefits of eating 6 small meals a day.

  • Who: Chetan Sachania
  • What: “13 crazy freelancing myths debunked”
  • Tangy: You might be forgiven if you think that leaving a life of corporate slavery to freelance and be your own boss will set you free of all shackles. True, freelancing offers you more flexibility in some aspects, but you are still bound to your clients, your business, and most importantly, your urge to make it big.

  • Who: Binu Thomas
  • What: “Six interesting takeaways from IPL-8”
  • Tangy: The eighth edition of IPL is now over, and we’re sure that the Mumbai Indians team must still be celebrating their victory over Chennai Super Kings. With the excitement and fervour now done with, it is time to take a deeper look at the cricketing extravaganza and see what lessons it brought to the teams and cricketing enthusiasts.

  • Who: Ashish Shakya
  • What: “Drop That Gum And Nobody Gets Hurt!”
  • Tangy: Singapore has emerged as a huge success story, with an enviable rate of development making it the new destination for the nouveau riche. Stand up comedian Ashish Shakya visits the South East Asian country and draws parallels with our own country, one that is not doing too badly on the development front either.

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