Spicy Saturday Picks – 23 May, 2015

Spicy SaturdayThis is a weekend of pampering and indulgence at BlogAdda. Register for the Dabur Baby Massage Oil #FirstLove activity and get assured vouchers along with the goodness of natural oils for your baby. If you haven’t nominated yourself for the #WIN15 Blogging Awards, do it at the earliest because the competition is heating up! After you’re done, honour a fellow blogger’s good work by blogging for the #YouMakeMeWIN’ activity. And now, the time has come to read some of the most impressive blog posts by Indian bloggers this week with Spicy Saturday Picks.

        • Who: Keval Padia
        • What: “8 Blunders That Can Make Your App Banned in Apple’s App Store”
        • Spicy: It is a dream for most app developers to have their creation featured in Apple’s App Store. It requires thousands, sometimes millions of lines of coding. If you do not follow certain basic rules, all your many hours of efforts will go to waste when the App Store bans your product. Take a look at these blunders and steer clear of them.

        • Who: Suranga Date
        • What: “H, R, HR, and being your own FDA”
        • Spicy: The recent controversy surrounding the harmful constituents of Maggi has opened a can of worms regarding what we put in our stomachs. Having a full, tasty meal ready in 2 minutes might get addictive, but it definitely can’t compare to the natural and homecooked meals that the earlier generation enjoyed.

        • Who: Manjulika Pramod
        • What: “When you are a Consultant’s wife, you know this life…”
        • Spicy: When you marry someone, you marry their habits, their family, and of course their profession. A doctor’s wife cannot expect to have the same life as a teacher’s wife because of the different demands of all jobs. Read this tongue in cheek blog post about being a consultant’s wife from the horse’s mouth.

        • Who: Vishal Kataria
        • What: “Does Modi Need to Go On Foreign Visits So Frequently?”
        • Spicy: A year after being voted to power, Prime Minister Narendra Modi commands respect and ridicule in equal proportions. His decisions for development are praised, but there are enough jokes and memes about his all too frequent foreign trips to counteract the bouquets. This blog post offers an interesting insight into the things that he has accomplished during these visits, proving that he’s not just a touring Prime Minister.

        • Who: Finding Nimi
        • What: “A Love and Lust’s story”
        • Spicy: Love and lust are said to be two sides of the same coin, but more often than not, these two sides are facing completely opposing sides. And when these two come together in the same relationship, only one can survive and that too, at the cost of the other.

        • Who: Prasad NP
        • What: “Human Elephant Conflict: Watching Wild Elephants”
        • Spicy: India’s population is bursting at its seams, so it is natural that we humans are occupying every possible bit of space available to us. Sometimes this translates to us encroaching on land that has belonged to animals for ages, leading to human-animal conflict. This blogger experiences one such conflict with elephants, which raises the question – should animals change their instinct to protect themselves from the growing needs of man?

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