Tangy Tuesday Picks – March 24, 2015

Tangy Tuesdays This week’s Tangy Tuesday Picks brings you a little of everything – pop culture, serious issues and write ups on gender roles and relationships. Read on and let us know your favorite blog posts!

  • Who: Ada Wiam
  • What: “The Art Of Letting Go…”
  • Tangy: When we face a situation that we have no control over, do we cling to it or let go? General opinion says that sticking to your guns is the more courageous decision, but sometimes, letting stuff go takes as much, if not more toughness, and gives you more freedom.

  • Who: Kavi Arasu
  • What: “Bridge Monkey”
  • Tangy: Every tourist spot comes with its own share of myths and legends surrounding it. The way this tourist spot is then treated reflects not only on the tourists but also the locals who can choose to leverage the story or give it some quiet dignity. The ‘Bridge Monkey’ in Heidelberg is an example of the latter.

  • Who: Zora Miss
  • What: “Things We Love About DDLJ”
  • Tangy: Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge is one of the most enduring emblems of Indian cinema, and multiple viewings of this movie fail to satiate the best of its fans. From Shahrukh’s dimples to Kajol’s firebrand eyes, there are many lovable things about this movie that just completed 1000 full weeks in the theatres. This blogger lists down the best things about this love story that inspired a generation.

  • Who: Between The Lines
  • What: “I Would Rather Be a Hindu Minority In Pakistan Than Be A Muslim Minority In India”
  • Tangy: Religion has suddenly become a huge issue in India (bigger than it was earlier), with churches being vandalized and minorities being converted. Though India is one of the most peaceful country in the subcontinent, not to mention the world’s largest democracy, this blogger writes about how he’d rather be a minority member in Pakistan than in India.

  • Who: Simbly Bored
  • What: “Introversion And Stay-Home Parenting”
  • Tangy: One of the things that is expected of parents is unconditional love and an I-can’t-get-enough-of-my-child attitude. Parents are individuals with likes and dislikes in their own right, so is it correct to assume that a stay at home mom cherishes every moment of the 10+ hours that she spends with her child with no one else for company?

  • Who: Sankalp Singh
  • What: “How Love Turns Into Suffocation”
  • Tangy: We live in strange times when controlling and clingy behaviour or jealousy is considered a sign of true love. Don’t believe us? Try reading a copy of Twilight or any of its clones. In real life, clingy behaviour is not very attractive and can lead to a lot of resentment which in turn leads to stunted growth and ultimate death of a relationship. Be careful not to suffocate your partner, regardless of how much you miss them when they’re not around.

  • Who: Not In Our News
  • What: “Observations On Worshipping Hindu Gods, Goddesses And Patriarchy”
  • Tangy: Hindu mythology is replete with stories of Goddesses, strong figures who annihilate evil and restore the balance of the Earth, and also calm figures who shower knowledge and wealth on you. These stories have now morphed into something else, and equating today’s woman to these Goddesses is not doing the ‘aam aurat’ any favours.

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