Tangy Tuesday Picks – February 24, 2015

Tangy TuesdaysIt’s Tuesday and we are here to add some flavour to your week with Tangy Tuesday Picks where you can read some very impressive blog posts. You still have time to blog for ‘The World Remade‘ and win passes to the India Today #Conclave15 worth Rs. 1 lakh each, so don’t miss the deadline! This week in Buzzing Blogosphere, we looked at what bloggers are saying about India’s first win over South Africa in a World Cup match. Read it and let us know what you think.

  • Who: Rahul Rawal
  • What: “Room No. 45”
  • Tangy: Parents give the best years of their life to their children, and all they expect in return is some care and concern during their old age. But some parents are deprived of even this basic right, leaving them with a very sad story indeed.

  • Who: Rathina Sankari N
  • Tangy: Chettinad in Tamil Nadu is not just a place famous for its spicy chicken, but is also a beautiful, quaint place just waiting to be discovered. The houses in this area are a mix of opulence and tradition, which makes it a must visit place for enthusiastic travellers and photographers.

  • Who: Vidya Subramanian
  • What: “The Scarlet Prophecy”
  • Tangy: Most girls have romantic notions about their marriage, and a hope that the vermillion that accompanies the marriage will bring happiness into their lives. What happens when this red becomes not the blush of a young bride, but a scarlet streak of shattered and bloodied dreams?

  • Who: Priya Adivarekar
  • What: “Interview: The New Angry Young Man | Varun Dhawan”
  • Tangy: Badlapur is not a run of the mill film, yet it has managed to set the cash registers ringing and has also gotten love and adulation from the critics. We have grown to expect extraordinary performances from Nawazuddin Siddiqui, but the real surprise package is Varun Dhawan, who has shattered his chocolate boy image and played the man out for ‘Badla’ with aplomb. Here’s an interview with the man of the moment, Raghu aka Varun Dhawan.

  • Who: SEO Techy World
  • What: “How to Use Hashtags – The Ultimate Guide”
  • Tangy:  #We #Have #Gotten #Used #To #Seeing #Hashtags #Everywhere, but do we actually know how to get the best out of hashtags? Most people use hashtags on social media because they are the norm or they see a trending topic on Twitter with a certain hashtag. But the # sign is much more than that, and can be used to discover content and ensure that your content reaches people. Want to know how to use hashtags? Use this handy guide.

  • Who: Asha Hariharan
  • What: “10 Commandments for Men with Beard”
  • Tangy: From Abhishek Bachchan to Fawad Khan and even Shikhar Dhawan, we have seen stubbles or beards transform men into rugged paragons of masculinity. But not maintaining a beard well can take you from ‘hot’ to homeless looking’ in an instant. Men, take a cue from this post and make the beard your best friend.

  • Who: Sudatta Mukherjee
  • Tangy: Most of us are so focussed on ‘Happy Endings’ that we forget about the start of a story. But believe us, the start of a story can be just as interesting, with the added intrigue of not knowing how it will turn out. Read this sweet story of such a beginning, and tell us how you think it will end.

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